3D Printed Katjes Magic Candy Factory Prepares for Worldwide Rollout

Magic Candy Factory

The “Magic Candy Factory” from Katjes has not only won hearts at the ISM trade show in Cologne… It’s preparing to take over 3D candy printer retail.

Berliners and candy-lovers may remember the Katjes Magic Candy Factory. The Candy Factory is a 3D fruit gum Printer. It spent the past several months at the Katjes Cafe Grün-Ohr in Berlin. It turns out this wasn’t a “one-off” from the candy wizards at Katjes. It’s the start of a whole new program.

Delicious! (Image: Katjes/Paul Aidan Perry)
Delicious! (Image: Katjes/Paul Aidan Perry)

Magic Candy Factory Takes Delicious Candy Gold at ISM

The ISM is one of the biggest trade shows for sweets and candies. Held in Cologne, Germany, it didn’t just bring candy makers together—it celebrated the best innovations in the business. And it was the Magic Candy Factory that took home the gold. It was voted the top innovation at the convention, just ahead of Heimatgut’s coconut crisps and Boncha Boncha’s edible digital selfies.

Image: Katjes/Paul Aidan Perry
Image: Katjes/Paul Aidan Perry

3D Printed Candy Printers Available for Retail Soon

It gets better. Katjes wasn’t displaying the Magic Candy Factory as just a local Berlin attraction, but as a flagship product. Managing Director, Melissa Snover, and the Katjes team were preparing the market for the 3d candy printer’s worldwide rollout.

Katjes has really pioneered the field of candy printing. Competitors will have to get creative if they want to take them on. Their printer works fast, can handle several designs, and the gummies are all vegan, gluten- and dairy-free.


Lutti – a sweets company owned by Katjes – has already launched a Magic Factory pop-up store in Paris. Now, the factory is off to the Candylicious shop in Dubai, marking the very first retail partner to launch the Magic Candy Factory. Spring will bring the latest version of the 3D Printer to sales partners in the UK and the US. From there, it’s only a matter of time until there’s one near you.

Hooray for 3D Printing successfully infiltrating the candy industry! If you visit Berlin, you also still have the chance to visit the Magic Candy Factory there. You can check also out their website.