Great Tools for Gardening

3D Printed Garden Tools: 21 Great Green Hacks

DIY Garden tools

If you have a green thumb, you can find plenty of tips and tricks to help make your garden a little paradise. 3D printing can also help you with that.

Here are some simple suggestions for making the most of your garden. Feel free to share any of your ideas in the comments! Don’t worry if you don’t have a 3D printer: You can have every part printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price, please use All3DP’s price comparison service.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #1: 3D Printed Lawn Sprinkler


Who’s this for? If you always forget to water your lawn and miss having a luscious green patch, this simple trick could be your easy saviour… Find this ingenious free design here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #2: 3D Printed Garden Chair Lawn Protectors


What’s this good for? You have one of these chairs that keep puncturing your lawn? This can be prevented! 3D print these chair shoes from the design here. Problem solved. Next, please!

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #3: 3D Printed Bird Food Dispenser


What’s that thing? If you fancy being kind to the birds in your garden, this is a feeding device that is based on a Coke bottle – extra points for recycling too! You can find the design on YouMagine.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #4: 3D Printed Shovel Handle Replacement


What’s this for? If you’ve been working so hard shovelling snow that your handle broke? 3D print yourself another one. The designer said: “I lost the shaft and handle for mine. One wooden curtain rod plus this and voila! A shovel!” You can download the design from Thingiverse. You need to experiment with the infill, though – below 20 percent it might be too fragile for work.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #5: 3D Printed Pig Decoration


Why you need this: If you’re trying to create a cosy and cute garden, this little pig – based on a terracotta creature found at a garage sale – is a nice idea. Find this little guy here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #6: 3D Printed Valve Handle


What’s this for? If you’re living in Norway, this design was created for you. The handle turns an external Norweigan valve for garden hoses. If you think you can make this to work for your hose too, check out the design on Thingiverse.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #7: Hydroponic Plant Pot


What does this do? The hydroponics pot has a grid at the bottom to hold growing material and if your plant roots take control of the pot, the designer suggests using Diamond Age Solutions’ Ivory PLA so you can recycle the whole lot in the compost heap once you are finished! You can find this design here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #8: Tiny Watering Can

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Why do I need this? This 13.5 ounce shot glass with a weird spout may not keep your whole lawn watered, but it’s very cute and cheap to print! You can find it here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #9: Vegetable Garden Plant Signs


What is this for? Any garden enthusiasts who are sick of forgetting which vegetables are planted where can make great use of these prints. The designer said: “For the last two years I’ve been planting veggies in my garden and marking them Sharpie-drawn signs. The Sharpie always comes off in the rain. These handy little signs should last forever. So far I have made cauliflower, kale, beets, broccoli, snap peas, cucumber, tomato, and peppers, blueberries, and spinach.” There is even a customizer version derivative – if you’re impressed by this idea then head here to download it for free.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #10: Watering Can Nozzle


Why do I need this? If you’re anything like the designer of this print, then you will know the struggle of having a lost watering can nozzle. This piece is an easy print, screws onto the can, comes off easily. Find this design here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #11: 3D Printed Garden Shovel


Who is this for? If you find that your kids always want to help you in the garden, but your tools are too big… this shovel could be the answer. If you feel this could be of use to you, then check it out here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #12: Micro Planter Chess Set


Why do I need this? If your passions are gardening and chess, this is the perfect combination of both. The designer said: “Each Chess piece can be planted with specific herbs or succulents to give them a level of individuality and personality. This also allows the player to assign unique textures, colors and smell to the pieces. Use some Corsican Mint to bring some minty freshness into you game, or perhaps a series of hard wearing cacti if you don’t have a green thumb.” If you want to play an interesting game of chess after a long day of gardening, then check out the design.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #13: Onion Pots


Why do I need these? If you’re a fan of having onions in your salad, then the best way is to grow them yourself. You can use these onion pots in different sizes to make sure you have the perfect onion. You can find the design on Thingiverse.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #14: Hummingbird Ant Moat


What should I use this for? If you’re an avid bird watcher, then this hummingbird feeder should lure all the ants in your garden here. The designer said: “The ants go marching one by one… right up to your hummingbird feeder! With this ant moat on the feeder hanger, they come to a water barrier. Flower shape makes a cute garden decoration.” Check out the design here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #15: 3D Printed Garden Fairy Door


What’s this? An itsy-bitsy door to add whimsy to your garden, office, or street corner. The photo shows its mini size. You can switch out filament colors to achieve the two tone look (or you can just paint it). Although this doesn’t work as a hack, it’s a great idea for if you have kids or want to add intrigue to your garden! You can find the design here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #16: A Place for Sitting


What’s this for? Although this bench is only a scale model, if you have time and cash to spare, you could theoretically scale up the design and create your 3D printed bench – you can download the design here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #17: Mini Hydroponic Garden


Where should I use this? If you’re unfortunate enough to have a green thumb but no garden, you could print this mini hydroponic garden to keep inside. The designer suggests plugging in a good aquarium air pump, put in some clay balls and fertilised liquid and you can growing big plants with a small system. If you fancy having this design in your home, you can find it here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #18: A 3D Printed Windmill


What’s this for? It’s a wind turbine, mounted to a vertical axis. You could even attach a small water pump (3D printed of course) to lift water into a gravity feed system. You find the free design files at Thingiverse.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #19: Cactuar Planter


Why do I need this? If it isn’t obvious to you – the designer said: “I think he would be a perfect planter for a cactus!” This silly little guy would fit right in if you have a wacky garden design, or even on a windowpane. Find the design here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #20: Garden LED Throwee


Why should I print these? Having lights in your garden can always give off a whimsical look. The designer said: “This was inspired by Osamu Iwasaki’s throwee, it gave me the incentive to try my own version of it.” If you want to create your own mystical garden, then you can check out the design here.

DIY Garden Tools to 3D Print #21: Yoda Vase


Why should I use this? If you want to enrich your plants with the powers of the Force, this Yoda vase is a perfect idea. The designer suggests using it for small plants, herbs and spices. You can find the design here.

Did we miss any cool or useful designs? Please feel free to add them to the comments below.