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You're a Maker, Harry

Harry Potter 3D Prints: 12+ Magical Models

Picture of Jonathan Witte
by Jonathan Witte
Oct 27, 2019

You're not a true Potterhead unless you're decorating your personal spaces with HP models. Let us help you with these awesome Harry Potter 3D prints!

Harry Potter 3D Prints Let the Magic Begin

Image of: Let the Magic Begin
A small model of Hogwarts, printed with SLA. (Source: pinterest.com)

The world of Harry Potter is perfect for 3D printing, with many mythical items and creatures that fans can make and enjoy. From cosplay props to movie artifacts, and even movie characters, there are models here for everyone.

Let’s explore some of our favorites!


Harry Potter 3D Prints Hogwarts

Image of: 1. Hogwarts
A PLA model of Hogwarts. (Source: LPBordian / Thingiverse)

What is Harry Potter without Hogwarts? Every spire, bridge, and gate is captured in immense detail in this model, which is sure to transport you to a magical world. This would be a perfect conversation piece on a mantel or desktop.

The model might be tricky to get just right, so it’s best to give yourself ample room for error with this one.

Who made it? razenco 

Who printed it? At least 16 users have printed this model, despite it being a fairly complex build. That means it’s probably worth it.

Where to get it? Thingiverse


Harry Potter 3D Prints PlaKit Characters

A unique model of Hagrid.
A unique model of Hagrid. (Source: purakito / Thingiverse)

See what they did there? PLA-Kit. These models are more than just a creative name. They are great presents for those who love a little spin on classic characters. This collection features several main characters in the Harry Potter world, so you’ll have a sizeable collection of models after printing this.

Each of these prints in multiple pieces, so finishing should be a breeze since supports shouldn’t leave too many marks.

Like the design? User purakito (PlaKit ToyMaker) has several similarly-designed collections, including Marvel and DC Comics heroes!

Who made it? purakito

Who printed it? The number of people who printed each model varies, with Harry Potter being the most popular at 27 makes and Hermione Granger coming in second at 11 prints. The other models have been made by at least one person.

Where to get them? Thingiverse


Harry Potter 3D Prints Replica Wands

Image of: 3. Replica Wands
A simple model of the Elder Wand. (Source: Miesczko Lacinski)

The most powerful wand in history. Isn’t that supposed to be at the bottom of a ravine? Well, now you can show everyone who’s boss – that is, if you can handle that much power. This is true to size, of course, if you print it at the right scale.

  • Elder Wand
    • Who made it? jakereeves
    • Who printed it? At least 149 users have printed this model. Not unusual, as it’s an iconic and simple print.
    • Where to get it? Thingiverse
  • Harry Potter Wand
    • Who made it? zostay
    • Who printed it? At least 6 users have printed this. (Perhaps this isn’t as popular because it’s not as recognizable as the Elder Wand.)
    • Where to get it? Thingiverse

Harry Potter 3D Prints Snitch

Image of: 4. Snitch
A finished 3D printed Golden Snitch that looks quite authentic. (Source: imgur.com)

While the Golden Snitch may not fly as fast as a broomstick, this model will definitely take you to the middle of the action. Just don’t try putting it in your mouth, because PLA isn’t food-safe. It’s certainly a nice and detailed model to display, though.

Who made it? Porda

Who printed it? Around 1700 users have downloaded this model.

Where to get it? Cults3D


Harry Potter 3D Prints Coats of Arms

Image of: 5. Coats of Arms
The Ravenclaw coat of arms, unfinished. (Source: Andrew Forster / Thingiverse)

Every person has their house, whether or not they’ve been past the sorting hat. Take the test and ally with your favorite house with these incredibly-detailed crests. Each represents one of the four Hogwarts houses, and they’d look great displayed together, especially after some polishing and painting.

There’s some support removal that needs to be done after this comes off the bed, but thankfully most of the affected surfaces are behind the model.

Who made it? Andrew Forster

Who printed it? Around 1,700 users have downloaded each of these models. Wow.

Where to get them? MyMiniFactory


Harry Potter 3D Prints Albus Dumbledore

Dumbleydore, looking good!
Dumbleydore, looking good! (Source: relmicro / MyMiniFactory)

“The consequences of our actions are always so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed.”

You may not think that downloading this model will impact your future, but this bust could be so detailed that it might actually make your day that much brighter.

Who made it? Tanya Wiesner

Who printed it? Around 11,000 users have downloaded this model. After all, this is an iconic character, and the bust is quite detailed.

Where to get it? MyMiniFactory


Harry Potter 3D Prints Harry Potter Bookmark

Image of: 7. Harry Potter Bookmark
A simple printed Harry Potter bookmark. (Source: ScrapPrinting / MyMiniFactory)

For all those readers out there who love the Harry Potter books, this Harry Potter bookmark is great for your favorite novels! Functional, stylish, and a great way to make your Harry Potter books “stick out”.

Who made it? ScrapPrinting

Who printed it? Around 1,800 users have downloaded this, probably because it’s a simple and functional model.

Where to get it? MyMiniFactory


Harry Potter 3D Prints Hermione's Time Turner

A nice and finished version of Hermione's time turner.
A nice and finished version of Hermione's time turner. (Source: Ali / MyMiniFactory)

For everyone who has too much to do in one day, this may be the answer for you! Hermione’s time turner is great for all those who love the little artifacts in the story. With a little bit of post-processing, this model can look just like it does in the movie.

You’ll need an hourglass which fits the mounting bracket, of course, but everything is linked in a document provided by the designer.


Who printed it? Almost 2,000 people have downloaded this model.

Where to get it? MyMiniFactory


Harry Potter 3D Prints Basilisk

A simple model of the infamous Basilisk.
A simple model of the infamous Basilisk. (Source: Nickey's Hatchery / Thingiverse)

Everyone knows you won’t die if you don’t look it in the eyes, but beware of the secrets you may unlock by printing the basilisk. This design is an awesome work of art and will make a great addition to any Potter fan’s room.

It’s a relatively simple model to print, too, so if you’re looking to crank something out fast and easy, this might be your jam.

Who made it? Nickey’s Hatchery

Who printed it? About 500 people have downloaded this, and many of them probably printed it because it’s an easy one to pop off the bed.

Where to get it? MyMiniFactory


Harry Potter 3D Prints Mirror of Erised

A detailed model of the Mirror of Erised.
A detailed model of the Mirror of Erised. (Source: Sholm Jarboe / MyMiniFactory)

The Mirror of Erised may show you what you see, but don’t worry, this is not an illusion. This model is real and a great way to bring another powerful moment to life! Look in if you dare, but don’t get lost in what could be.

Finished and painted, this model could really stand out. It’s an ornate model as it is, but given a fresh polish and several coats of gold paint, it’ll truly be worthy of framing your best moments.

Who made it? Sholm Jarboe

Who printed it? Around 350 users have downloaded this model. It’s probably not as popular as some of the wands or busts because it’s less recognizable as a Harry Potter relic.

Where to get it? MyMiniFactory


Harry Potter 3D Prints Sword of Gryffindor

The full-size Sword of Gryffindor.
The full-size Sword of Gryffindor. (Source: T-E-C / MyMiniFactory)

Are you truly courageous enough to wield the Sword of Gryffindor? If not, never fear! You can print this amazing replica to pretend you can, anyway!

This gigantic model prints in multiple pieces for ease of production, but be prepared to set aside some time to put this together.

Who made it? T-E-C

Who printed it? Around 480 users have downloaded this model. Despite its size and relative complexity of manufacturing, this is still a popular model.

Where to get it? MyMiniFactory


Harry Potter 3D Prints Dobby

A model of Dobby, the house elf.
A model of Dobby, the house elf. (Source: Vasilis Katsaros / MyMiniFactory)

Who doesn’t love Dobby? One of the wisest yet most cautious characters in the Harry Potter world, this house elf will bring to life many favorite moments. You are sure to fall in love with his mischief once again with this magical model.

This would definitely benefit from some post-processing since some features will require support. And you’d probably want to paint this model to truly bring it to life.

Who made it? Vasilis Katsaros

Who printed it? Around 10,000 users have downloaded this model. Dobby is an extremely recognizable character in Harry Potter, after all.

Where to get it? MyMiniFactory

(Lead image source: Pegge / Thingiverse)

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