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6 Examples of Fascinating 3D Printed Products

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by Blu Siber
Nov 23, 2018

6 Examples of Fascinating 3D Printed Products

3D printing has grown to extreme proportions and at a very fast rate. Thanks to improvements in print quality, speed, and price, more uses are being generated every day. Let's have a look at some of the most fascinating roles a 3D printed object can play.

Fascinating 3D Printing Examples 1. Puzzles and Toys

The Letter-Cryptex.
The Letter-Cryptex. Source: Hiob / Thingiverse

As most of us already know, 3D printing can easily be used to make something fun to play with. Sure, the process of 3D printing can be fun, but so is enjoying the end result. It’s very simple to find 3D models of fidget toys, puzzles (of many shapes), physics games, and even building toys.

One could argue that this side of 3D printing is overshadowed by the rest of the technology’s advancements. Nonetheless, it’s fun and one of the best ways to learn about 3D printing.

This Letter-Cryptex by Thingiverse user Hiob is a great example of a fun print, both during and after assembly. It features an interchangeable ten-letter password, and the small compartment it locks is the perfect size for paper scrolls containing sensitive information.

However, considering it was made for entertainment and not security, it might not be the best idea to put anything too sensitive inside…

Fascinating 3D Printing Examples 2. Fabric

3D printed Chainmail.
3D printed Chainmail. Source: Flowalistik / Thingiverse

Also dabbling in 3D printing are the fashion and clothing industries. New advancements are constantly making it easier and more appealing to design with 3D printing in mind.

It’s gotten to the point where we can now make a number of substances using nothing but a model and a 3D printer! 3D printers make not only chains and basic lattice but also 3D printable fabrics, like chainmail.

Chainmail is a flexible, expandable, and dynamic fabric that acts almost just like the fabric we use every day—except no stitching or weaving is required! In fact, you can 3D print Chainmail at home, for use anywhere you can think of.

It won’t be long until we can print even more substances and materials. If it ever reaches a microscopic level, scientific and medical industries could learn about and improve the world we live in. Not only would we find new treatments and cures, but we would also have better and more accessible technology.

Fascinating 3D Printing Examples 3. Food

PancakeBot prints and cooks specially-shaped pancakes.
PancakeBot prints and cooks specially-shaped pancakes. Source: Amazon

What do you usually do with a print that’s just finished? Most usually look it over, check to see if a mistake was made in the printing, or simply set it somewhere to be admired. But what about eating it?

That’s right, the 3D printing industry has also extended to food! From chocolate to cakes and even to pancakes, 3D printed edibles are quite promising — and delicious!

Take this 3D pancake printer, for example. All it needs is pancake batter and a design, whether supplied by you using their software or using one of the included designs. Press start, and watch as the pancake batter is printed onto the built-in griddle, and then cooked.

Once finished, you’ll have an incredibly detailed pancake — better than you could’ve done in a pan — that tastes just as delicious, and looks really cool! (Before you eat it, that is…)

Fascinating 3D Printing Examples 4. Cars

The LSEV, a 3D printed electric car about the size of a Smart car.
The LSEV, a 3D printed electric car about the size of a Smart car. Source: cleantechnica.com

3D printing has even gotten as far as the automotive industry! That may sound far-fetched, but there are actually a number of reasons why 3D printing makes an excellent option for car manufacturers.

One of the biggest reasons is weight. 3D printed auto parts can be extremely lightweight, depending on the material, but they’re also incredibly strong. Another important point is the strength. 3D printing makes it easier to create supports within parts, or customize the density of a part by controlling the method in which it’s printed.

Another huge contributing factor is price. If implemented properly and used for appropriate parts, 3D printing can be far less costly than conventional manufacturing methods. That’s because it can create complex, custom parts more easily, thus saving time and money.

Though it may be a little while until you find a 3D printed car that’s readily available to the public, this technology is advancing quickly. There are already a number of projects working to create a 3D printed vehicle.

Fascinating 3D Printing Examples 5. Prosthetics

3D printed prosthetics provide affordable alternatives.
3D printed prosthetics provide affordable alternatives. Source: enablingthefuture.org

One of the ways 3D printing became so well known was the newfound use of 3D printing in prosthetics. 3D printing continues to be the most appealing way to get quality custom prosthetics without having to hand over your whole wallet.

While 3D printed prosthetics still aren’t cheap, they’re generally far more affordable than conventionally-made prosthetics. All-in-all, 3D printing does a great job when used in this field because of its ability to generate an object of any shape on demand. Combined with its price and availability, 3D printing appeals to many who are searching for a better alternative.

There are several projects working toward making more designs for 3D printed prosthetics, and the list is growing quickly. Many have benefitted from the technology, which goes to show how many more we could help with future advancements.

Fascinating 3D Printing Examples 6. Buildings and Structures

The tallest 3D printed building, made by Chinese company WinSun.
The tallest 3D printed building, made by Chinese company WinSun. Source: archdaily.com

Most people enjoy building or looking at a model house. However, what if you could have your design for a house 3D printed, in life-size, at a price you’ll be more than pleased with?

Perhaps sometime soon, you could! Several organizations and companies have 3D printed buildings and structures from various materials, including concrete, plasters, fibres, and even recycled materials. The costs of these buildings are incredibly low, especially considering the easy and quick customization.

3D printing is indeed a scalable technology, and several organizations have not only proved that it’s possible, but printed functional structures that are being used today. In the future, we might even see 3D printing become a cheaper alternative to conventional methods we use now.

3D printing is definitely a fascinating technology, being extensive, dynamic, and vastly interchangeable, all at the same time. This technology is definitely one of the most promising fields out there, and though it’s not quite used as much as we’d like to think, that could easily change.

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