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Make a Carabiner Clip: 7 Useful Designs to 3D Print


This is a list of useful carabiner clip designs which you can make on a consumer desktop 3D printer. Warning: not to be used for climbing!

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The humble carabiner clip has had a long journey from mountain climbing tool to urban accessory. Typically used as load-bearing loops, today they’re just as useful for securing your keys as they are for scaling the peaks of Everest.

And wouldn’t you know it, the 3D printing community has a small obsession with the carabiner clip as well. Their size means they are super quick and easy to print, so that’s a big tick in their favor. But they present something of a engineering challenge too, maximizing strength and flexibility from an item made of plastic.

There are already some excellent models out there. Below we’ve rounded up a selection of our favorites. Did we miss any that you’ve liked and printed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them in a future update.

Warning: Please do not use any of these carabiner clips for climbing or safety critical applications. They have functional uses, but carrying your weight or protecting you from harm is not one of them.

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Carabiner Clip to 3D Print Origami Carabiner

Image of Carabiner Clip to 3D Print: Origami Carabiner

The Origami Carabiner is tough, chunky and tactile. The low poly motif is more than a gimmick or design aesthetic; it actually lends a great deal of strength to the carabiner. The hinge to the clip is also cleverly implemented; it’s not a spring, but a split frame that flexes just enough to allow you to hook the carabiner onto a loop. The estimated load carry is between 15-35kg.

We’ve had this item 3D printed with Multi Jet Fusion technology from Shapeways, and the finished result is an absolute delight. But the Origami Carabiner works just as well when printed on a fused filament fabrication machine with at least 50% infill and 3 shells. And with two separate components, you have ample opportunity to mix and match complementary colors.

Who made it? ddf3d .com

Where to get it? Thingiverse.


Carabiner Clip to 3D Print Bungee Carabiners

Image of Carabiner Clip to 3D Print: Bungee Carabiners

The design studio 3D Brooklyn has a multitude of free models to download and 3D print. And they’re uniformly excellent, with a blend of playfulness and practicality running throughout their work. This is a design for a bungee carabiner where you 3D print two small components and then loop a length of 4-6mm bungee cord through it.

The functionality is that can use your keys without removing them from your belt loop or backpack, keeping them safe and secure. After pulling the keys out, simply pull on the slotted part of the keychain and shorten the cord again.

Who made it? 3DBrooklyn

Where to get it? Pinshape

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Carabiner Clip to 3D Print Zortrax Carabiner

Image of Carabiner Clip to 3D Print: Zortrax Carabiner

Colorful and easy to make, the design for this carabiner clip is as simple as they come. The model comes from Zortrax, the manufacturer of the popular M200 desktop 3D printer. As such, there’s a little Zortrax logo embedded on the inside of the ring.

Who made it? Zortrax

Where to get it? Cults3D

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Carabiner Clip to 3D Print S-Carabiner

Image of Carabiner Clip to 3D Print: S-Carabiner

Raising the stakes in the carabiner clip game is this s-carabiner, with two hinges and clips on opposite sides of the body. It’s an ambitious design that’s popular with the Thingiverse community, but complaints about strength and durability have led to a number of remixes. You may want to experiment with these variations to find the best fit for you.

Who made it? Tom

Where to get it? Thingiverse


Carabiner Clip to 3D Print Super Carabiner

Image of Carabiner Clip to 3D Print: Super Carabiner

This monster carabiner was specifically designed to carry a weight of 200lbs. Repeating the warnings from before, it’s not meant for daily use in critical situations. It’s simply an experiment to see how much ABS or PLA filament would be necessary to achieve such a result, and the maker is sharing his findings with the wider community.

Who made it? Nevil Clavain

Where to get it?  Thingiverse

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Carabiner Clip to 3D Print Autolocking Carabiner

Image of Carabiner Clip to 3D Print: Autolocking Carabiner

Here’s a very sophisticated design for a carabiner clip. It has embedded magnets to lock the hinge in place. The “unlock” mechanism requires either a separate magnetic key, or for the ball bearing in the ring to be pressed down. For those folks who like the design but can’t be bothered to faff around with magnets, there’s a variation of the same model available without them.

Who made it? Walter Hsiao

Where to get it? Thingiverse


Carabiner Clip to 3D Print Wonder Woman Flex Door Carabiner

Image of Carabiner Clip to 3D Print: Wonder Woman Flex Door Carabiner

Any fans of the Amazing Amazon in the house? Mayhap you’d like to show your appreciation with a custom carabiner to adorn your backpack? Here we have a remix of two other designs — the Wonder Woman logo and a Strong Flex Door Carabiner — which combine strength and beauty, just like the DC Superheroine herself.

Who made it? Jonathan Gray

Where to get it? Thingiverse


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