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50 Cool Things to 3D Print in July 2019

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by Matthew Mensley
Jul 8, 2019

Bored of pointless 3D printer projects? Out of 3D printing ideas? Check out our July 2019 list of cool things to 3D print which are actually useful.

Like us, you’re tremendously excited by the possibilities of 3D printing. Unfortunately, the landscape is cluttered with trinkets, doodads, and ornaments. We’re in danger of drowning in 3D printed objects that nobody wants or needs.

Fight the tide of mediocrity! Let’s make stuff that’s useful! Here’s a list of cool things to 3D print, right now, today. Prove to your nearest and dearest that there’s an everyday and practical application of this wonderful technology.

Updated monthly under the guise of our very own printocracy, each month we remove the five least clicked models and replace them with five new printables. As the year trudges on, there will always be something new, and the uninteresting items drift away. Simple!

5 Easy Steps to 3D Print Cool Things

  1. Browse this list of cool things to 3D print for inspiration and ideas. Go ahead, take your time, we’ll be here when you get back.
  2. Download the STL file for your chosen model. Click on the link to take you to the site where the files are hosted, and you can download them absolutely free. Please note that some sites may require registration before you can download.
  3. Slice the STL file to prepare it for 3D printing. Whether you use an open source application like Cura or a paid solution like Simplify3D, slicing is a critical step for the quality of your model. Open the STL file and tinker with settings like infill, layer height, and supports.
  4. Convert the STL file into GCode after you’re done slicing. Save the GCode and upload it to your 3D printer, either using a USB cable, an SD card, or a network connection. Now get printing!
  5. Alternatively, use a 3D printing service if you don’t have access to a 3D printer. Simply upload the STL files to Craftcloud – 3D Printing & Price Comparison Service by All3DP to have any of these cool things 3D printed.

Your typical print-in-place bag clip gains a new ability — namely, a quick access screw cap. It’s one of those prints that’s so simple and effective; we wonder why no one thought of it sooner.

Who made it? Minkix

Where to download: Thingiverse

Build limitless modular furniture fast with these nifty little junction prints. The default file is designed to fit 17 x 17 mm lengths of wood, but a parametric file is also available for you to customize to the materials you have available. Finalize your build with woodscrews to fix everything in place.

Who made it? LeFabShop

Where to download: Cults

Banish gunked up sealant tubes to the dustbin of history. The-Mechanic’s twist-on nozzle cap is the 3D print we never knew we needed, pressing an O-ring tight to the tube’s body and denying air access to the solvents within.

Who made it? The-Mechanic

Where to download: Thingiverse

No more sliding the laptop under the sofa: keep it hidden but accessible with this simple printable that affixes to the underside of a wooden desk, table or shelf.

Who made it? Too_Snide

Where to download: Thingiverse

Elegant and simple, Candice is probably the easiest thing you’ll print this month.

Who made it? Clem.C2

Where to download: Cults


Multifunction Cool Things to 3D Print Polypanels

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Polypanels
Polypanels (Image: MakeAnything, via MyMiniFactory)

What is it? Brainchild of Devin Montes, of MakeAnything fame, Polypanels is a series of 3D printable snap-together building blocks. The individual Polypanel pieces look simple enough, but print a cluster of them — including the growing variety of shapes and connectors — and snap together, you can create all kinds of block, twisty, articulated things. Think of it as a 3D printing-enabled analog to K’NEX, or, loosely, LEGO. Except it’s totally free and the design files are openly available for you to create your own.

Who made it? MakeAnything

Where to download: MyMiniFactory


Home Cool Things to 3D Print Kate Brush

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Kate Brush
Ahhh, comfy! (Source: CKLab / Cults)

What is it? We’re not sure if this is a clever reference to 80s pop icon Kate Bush, but either way, it’s a handy doodad. You have a paintbrush, and you like 3D printing. Surely there’s a way to smash those two facts together?

The Kate Brush is an ergonomic grip for your paintbrushes, and we suspect it can also be used for other tools like pencils and pens, so your creative process won’t be limited by the amount of time it takes before your hand cramps up. What’s not to love?

Who made it? CKLab

Where to download: Cults

What is it? Do you have USB cables? Are they a mess? Is your life falling apart? If you answered yes to the first two questions, this handy organizer can help you out. It comes in four different versions, so pick the one that works best for your situation. It’s also portable, if necessary.

Who made it: Kanata

Where to download: Thingiverse

What is it? Hodor door wedges, step aside. This simple solution to holding a door needs only a couple of strips of double-sided tape for a semi-permanent solution; no awkward kicking at a wedge necessary.

Who made it? Akiraraiser

Where to download: Thingiverse

What is it? A funky looking hog designed to scoop up your spare change. Supports are needed for the rim of the cap on the bank’s underside, but besides that, all is as appears, with no trickery or advanced settings for printing. A simple piggy for a simple job.

Who made it? lecaramel

Where to download: Thingiverse


Organization Cool Things to 3D Print Zip Ties

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Zip Ties
Zip Ties for 3D printing (Image: Sunshine, via Cults)

An ingenious use for spare scraps of filament, Sunshine’s zip-tie print is perhaps the smartest system we’ve seen yet, complete with a print out size guide to ensure the filament fits your ties. The clips themselves print as part of a sheet, with easy breakaway supports for a clean workspace. Neat.

Who made it: Sunshine

Where to download: Cults

You ask a reasonable question, with no measurable timeframe the answer. They facetiously reply “How long is a piece of string?”. You fist-pump triumphantly, “I do, you metaphorical trickster.” Producing the Geneva Roller Ruler from your pocket, you yell “Behold.” Awe ensues; respect earned.

Be in no doubt about the length of turns of phrase, or indeed any turn, curve and non-linear stretches of things ever again, thanks to this 3D printable measuring device. Needing only a couple of Philips head screws and few printed parts, this Geneva Roller Ruler can help you measure along a path in 5mm increments.

Who made it: MechEngineerMike

Where to download: Thingiverse

Flask of bubbles conjures up images of clandestine flasks of liquor which, when opened, release a misty spritz of, well, bubbles. In fact, this is really just a container for soapy water whose lid also has a wand to blow bubbles from. Is it cool? Definitely. It’s also fun and great for kids. You can also customize it by adding whatever you like to the bottle. Use it to trick your kids into taking a bath. Use it to distract them. Print out a bunch and get wedding guests to blow bubbles instead of throwing confetti. The uses are endless!

Who made it: Superbeasti

Where to download: Thingiverse

Cults user Syboulette adds to their collection of fancy screwtop pots with this hexagonally textured tub. According to the image, ideal for oats! Other grains are available.

Who made it: Syboulette

Where to download: Cults

Modeled after the Gayer-Anderson Cat housed at the British Museum, this judgemental looking kitty keeps your doors from being ajar. Note that it contains a void by design, allowing you to fill with weighty material for added heft.

Who made it: Duaneindeed

Where to download: Cults

Not useful in the traditional sense, since the bubonic plague is mostly a thing of the past, but say your cat/dog/significant other has left a nasty mess you can’t bear to deal with unprotected. Fight the fumes with this medieval classic! Stuff with the incense of your choosing and have a happy, stink-free March. Or, you know, use it as a carnival mask — each to their own.

Who made it: Odrivious

Where to download: Cults

Inspired by research into stiffness actuators, this adjustable auto-winding spool holder uses a 3D spring and adjustable clutch to rewind itself up to four full rotations. It’s the ideal holder for tidying up pesky material changes.

Who made it: VincentGoenhuis

Where to download: Thingiverse

Don’t you hate it when you submerge things in water, and they come out all wet? What’s that all about? There’s got to be an easier way.

Cults user ZX82 has the solution in this 99%-printed waterproof box. Print in PLA or PETG with plenty of walls, top, and bottom layers, add a seal from flexible TPU and throw in a handful of M3 screws for the spring hinge and you’re all set.

Who made it: ZX82

Where to download: Cults

Designed to be printed completely flat to give a glossy first-layer finish on all surfaces, this instant dice is snap-fit and ready to roll.

Who made it: Devin Montes (MakeAnything)

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

If you’ve ever had a beverage sniped by a colleague, you’ll find this cool. Print this (possibly) impenetrable lock and rejoice when the serial slurper is thwarted at last! It’s designed to fit 1.5 L Coca Cola bottles, but its maker suspects you can modify the model for other bottles.

Who made it: Peek

Where to download: Thingiverse

Say you’ve got a tasteful new card to show off to your fellow Wall Street execs. Bone, with Silian Rail lettering… you know the score. What better way to whip it out for admiration than this Zippo-like holder, complete with flip-open lid for ultimate swagger.

Who made it: PentlandDesigns

Where to download: Cults

Is it an iceberg? A melting beehive? The latter is most likely, given this creation is the work of Portuguese 3D printing manufacturer BeeVeryCreative. It’s cool, curvy, and keeps your stationary stationary.

Who made it: BeeVeryCreative

Where to download: Cults

This is a passive amplifier for your smartphone, which adds a little extra “oomph” to those tinny speakers when blasting out your tunes. What’s not so passive are those outstretched arms. It’s not called a Groovi Monster for nothing.

Who made it: 3DShook

Where to download: Cults3D

Catching drips, protecting tabletops and giving your favorite infill pattern an airing — what more could you ask for from a printable called Infill Coasters? And best of all its completely customizable, since you’re configuring the pattern using the infill settings of your slicer.

Who made it: jmdbcool

Where to download: Thingiverse


3D Printing Cool Things to 3D Print Filament Clip

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Filament Clip

Say no mo’ to straggling spurts of filament and keep the tension in your tapped spools with this simple clip. We should imagine it serves as a fine clothes peg replacement if you’re in a bind on laundry day, too.

Who made it: Med

Where to download: Cults

Keep your desktop knick-knacks in order with this simple yet functional desk tidy. Slots for memory cards, memory sticks, pencils and even a scraper or two make it the ideal object for 3D print area betterment.

Who made it: Monkey3D

Where to download: Cults

It’s a duck. You hang headphones from it.

Who made it: Toshi_TNE

Where to download: Thingiverse


Garden Cool Things to 3D Print Plantygon

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Plantygon

Designed by PrintFutura for a growing collection of succulents, these stackable geometric planters can be configured to drain into adjacent blocks, or not at all (if you print the non-draining version). A simple and stylish print.

Who made it: PrintFutura

Where to download: Cults


Everyday Carry Cool Things to 3D Print Survival Whistle

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Survival Whistle

This is a survival whistle of completely original design, which is rugged, easy to make and carry, and is very loud. How loud? Try 118 decibels for size! That’s more than enough to get you noticed in an emergency situation.

Who made it: Joe Zisa

Where to download: Thingiverse


Kitchen Cool Things to 3D Print Measuring Cube

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Measuring Cube

The feelgood success story of 3D printing in 2018 is already here; a simple but totally ingenious measuring cube for use in the kitchen. Each side of the cube has a slot to measure out a foodstuff in either cups (for American cooking) or metric (for everyone else). Best printed in PETG material to maximize food safety.

Who made it: iomaa

Where to download: Thingiverse


Household Cool Things to 3D Print Parametric Hinge

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Parametric Hinge

Designed in OpenSCAD, this is a parametric butt hinge that can be fully customized for your specific needs. Moreover, you can print it in one step, as individual leaves, or without a pin at the centre.

Who made it: Rohin Gosling

Where to download: Thingiverse


Travel Cool Things to 3D Print Sunglasses Car Sun Visor Clip

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Sunglasses Car Sun Visor Clip

A useful item to keep you looking cool on sunny days; a car sun visor clip where you can affix you sunglasses when not in use (but still need easy access).

Who made it: Trevor Long

Where to download: Thingiverse


Everyday Carry Cool Things to 3D Print Super Best Bottle Opener

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Super Best Bottle Opener

Unlike the vast majority of 3D printed bottle openers out there, this model doesn’t need a coin or other additional elements to provide the necessary leverage. Instead, its ergonomic design uses a curved prying edge that catches on a substantial amount of the sharp cap edge.

Who made it: Jeremy Peterson

Where to download: Thingiverse


Everyday Carry Cool Things to 3D Print Superhero Keychains

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Superhero Keychains

Sometimes you need to remind yourself of your hidden superpowers. These keychains can be printed in no time, look great, and make a formidable identifier for your Batcave keys. Make great gifts for kids, also.

Who made it: Formbyte

Where to download: Cults3D

Do you use a lot of toilet paper? Or do you find yourself constantly running out and yelling for someone to come save you? There’s no perfect solution, but this Sheep Toilet Roll Holder comes close by holding a whopping seven rolls at a time. Sure, you could have an ordinary toilet roll holder, but that would be baaaaad in comparison.

Who made it: Hiob

Where to download: Thingiverse


Kitchen & Dining Cool Things to 3D Print Sliding Bag Clip

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Sliding Bag Clip

Sometimes it’s the simplest items which prove to be the most useful. And so it is with this sliding bag clip, which is printed with two parts that can securely hold packets closed. Perfect if you want to keep your herbs and spices fresh but don’t have a jar, or maybe you want to hold off on scarfing a full bag of chips.

Who made it: Walter Hsiao

Where to download: Thingiverse


Hand Tools Cool Things to 3D Print Plastic Wrench

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Plastic Wrench

Fully articulated plastic wrench, for general purpose, er, wrenching around the house.

Who made it: Daniel Noree

Where to download: Cults.

The contents of a dishwasher are the Schrödinger’s Cat of household appliances; both clean and dirty until an object is removed or placed inside. Fact.

Tip this quantum game in your favor and know whether the cutlery is clean or the mugs are manky with this ingenious sliding dirty/clean text printable.

Who made it: MiddleFingerBoss

Where to download: Thingiverse


Accessories Cool Things to 3D Print Pop Up Square Basket

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Pop Up Square Basket

Pimp your picnics with this M.C. Escher-esque collapsible basket. Portioned off into five cascading sections that hold their shape when extended, it’s marvelous design that prints in few parts and assembles with a dab of glue.

Who made it: PatternToPrint

Where to download: Cults


Household Cool Things to 3D Print Self-Watering Planter

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Self-Watering Planter

Houseplants dying from neglect? NEVER AGAIN. Print off this automatic plant waterer, and your conscience will remain clean. Particularly useful for kitchen herbs, where you can make them last up to a week longer by re-potting in this natty device.

Who made it: Parallel Goods

Where to download it: Cults3D


Accessories Cool Things to 3D Print Labyrinth Gift Box

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Labyrinth Gift Box

When it comes to giving gifts, cash is not the most imaginative of presents. Wrap up your notes in a more exciting package with this Labyrinth Gift Box. There’s only one correct path, so the lucky recipient will have to work at it a fair bit to unlock the prize tucked inside.

Who made it: Robert

Where to download: Thingiverse


Audio Cool Things to 3D Print Earbud Holder

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Earbud Holder

We spend a small fortune on our earphones for music on the move, but not enough to protect them when not in use. Securely stash those buds in this 3D printed earbud holder.

Who made it: Robert

Where to download it: Thingiverse


Bathroom Cool Things to 3D Print Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Squeeze every last drop of toothpaste from the tube with this toothpaste tube squeezer. It prints in three separate parts, and is wide enough to accommodate most tubes on the market. Not only a cool thing to 3D print, but also something to keep your breath minty fresh.

Who made it: Justin Otten

Where to download it: Thingiverse


Office Cool Things to 3D Print Web Camera Cover

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Web Camera Cover

In an age where online privacy is diminished, fewer people feel comfortable with a front-facing camera on their laptops. Instead of ruining those clean lines with a bit of sticky tape or a post-it note, this 3D printed solution is a sliding door you can afix over the camera, so you can still use it for video-conferencing when you need to.

Who made it: Horizon Lab

Where to download: Cults


Organization Cool Things to 3D Print Stackable Hex Drawers

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Stackable Hex Drawers

Phone charger cables, USB cables, HDMI cables, Thunderbolt cables, DisplayPort cables… Your office space is covered in a spaghetti of cables, are we right? Banish the mess with this set of hex drawers. The design is stackable too, so you can extend the hive as the need arises.

Who made it: Dan O’Connell

Where to download it: Cults


Decor Cool Things to 3D Print Wall Outlet Shelf

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Wall Outlet Shelf

Put a shelf on your power socket, so you can prop up the phone when charging. This model also has an angled slot that holds your smartphone and tablets in an upright viewing position.

Who made it: Tosh Sayama

Where to download: Cults


Games & Hobbies Cool Things to 3D Print Card Deck Shuffler

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Card Deck Shuffler

Those prone to mid-shuffle fumbles, your Poker face-saving prayers are answered! MyMiniFactory user LarsRb has concocted this colorful creation with the sole purpose to successfully shuffle decks of cards up to official poker card size.

Who made it: LarsRb

Where to download: MyMiniFactory


Gifts Cool Things to 3D Print Secret Butterfly Box

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Secret Butterfly Box

A secretive box for keeping secret things secret. Those out of the know will have a hard time cracking the sequences required to expose both the key and keyhole. Print in your prettiest filament to make a most magnificent gift.

Who made it: 3DPrintingWorld

Where to download: Thingiverse


Garden Cool Things to 3D Print Digital Sundial

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Digital Sundial

Your eyes do not deceive you. This insanely cool thing to 3D print is a digital sundial. And it really does work. The shape of the sundial has been engineered to only let through the right rays at the right time and angle, so it can display the actual time at 20 minute intervals. Operational only during daylight hours, naturally, between 10:00 and 16:00.

Who made it: Mojoptix

Where to download it: Thingiverse


Everyday Carry Cool Things to 3D Print Swiss Army Style Key Chain

Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Swiss Army Style Key Chain

This is a variation on the classic Swiss Army Knife design that swaps out the blades and can openers for something infinitely more useful — your house-keys. Prints in two halves, and the keys are held in place using standard hex nuts and bolts.

Who made it: Craig Blanchette

Where to download: Thingiverse

Image credits: All images copyright their respective owners

License: The text of "50 Cool Things to 3D Print in July 2019" by All3DP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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