Featured image of BigRep Unveils BigRep PRO & EDGE, Bringing Large-Scale 3D Printing to Professional Heights

BigRep Unveils BigRep PRO & EDGE, Bringing Large-Scale 3D Printing to Professional Heights

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Nov 13, 2018

BigRep Unveils BigRep PRO & EDGE, Bringing Large-Scale 3D Printing to Professional Heights

BigRep has recently released the BigRep PRO, a large-format industrial 3D printer that features new Metering Extruder Technology and a state-of-the-art Bosch Rexroth motion control system. Review the specs here.

When looking at FDM 3D printing on an industrial scale, one of the primary issues preventing the wide-scale adoption of this technology is the limitation of the build area. This is an obstacle that the German company BigRep is repeatedly attempting to hurdle with its incredibly large and highly capable 3D printer line, which includes flagship models like the BigRep ONE and BigRep Studio.

At this year’s formnext 2018, the global large-format 3D printer manufacturer unveiled two next-generation 3D printers: the BigRep PRO and BigRep EDGE. The company’s latest range of FDM 3D printing systems is packed with a slew of interesting features geared toward industrial use, while also maintaining the unprecedented build volume that has previously helped BigRep solidify its status as pioneers in the large-format 3D printing market.

Equipped with proprietary Metering Extruder Technology and an industrial-grade Bosch Rexroth motion control system, the BigRep PRO aims to provide a sizable industrial solution for rapid prototyping and production. On the outside, the BigRep PRO appears to be an enhanced iteration of the BigRep Studio. However, a closer look at the BigRep PRO reveals integrated mechanisms and high-grade components that make it superior to older models.

All in all, the latest BigRep machine is a viable option for small businesses and manufacturers looking for an industrial-grade 3D printer that is relatively affordable and has a larger-than-life build volume. Although the BigRep PRO has just been released, we already know quite a bit about this large-format 3D printer.

Let’s review the features and specs to see why PRO is the new way to go. If you want to learn more about the BigRep EDGE, click here.

Product image of BigRep PRO

BigRep PRO 3D Printer

BigRep PRO 3D Printer – Review the Specs & Price Features

Image of BigRep PRO 3D Printer – Review the Specs & Price: Features

As with any other BigRep-branded 3D printer, the most eye-catching attribute of the BigRep PRO has to be its gargantuan 1005 x 1005 x 1005mm build volume. It has an insulated, fully enclosed metal frame that provides stable temperature control, as well as glass doors that allow users to watch the 3D printing process unfold.

While size is certainly a major factor when considering a BigRep machine, the new proprietary Metering Extruder Technology (MXT) is what sets the BigRep PRO and BigRep EDGE apart from other large-format options. BigRep MXT is a groundbreaking extruder system that provides a clear separation between filament feeding and melting and extrusion. In having this separation, the user has full control over the amount of filament and speed of the extruder.

Both the BigRep PRO and BigRep EDGE are equipped with two of the MXT modular extrusion heads. The extruder system grants the BigRep PRO with the ability to print at a high speed of over 600mm per second. When used with the 0.6mm nozzle, BigRep claims that its new 3D printer is around five times faster than any other FDM printer on the market.

In fact, compared to other machines in the same market segment, the BigRep PRO is said to offer five times that filament throughput rate and three times the average extrusion rate. This new extruder technology is optimized (but not wholly restricted) to work with the line of professional-grade materials that BigRep is producing in collaboration with the German chemical company BASF.

The other performance-enhancing feature found in the BigRep PRO is the newly implemented state-of-the-art CNC control systems and drives by Bosch Rexroth, one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive and control technologies. Coupled with the MXT technology, the German-engineered 3D printer provides unprecedented print speed, high precision, and quality parts for industrial applications.

Another highlight of the BigRep PRO is the full-fledged IoT connectivity, which ultimately helps to simplify the printer’s integration into the growing Industry 4.0 sector.

“This new technology delivers the type of innovation that the industry has been awaiting, as our groundbreaking MXT® system makes our new printers five times faster – with greater precision and quality – than current extrusion speeds. This is one giant leap for additive manufacturing, allowing BigRep customers to make full use of today’s most advanced large-scale 3D printing technology,” said Stephan Beyer, BigRep CEO.

Circling back to the build chamber, the BigRep PRO has a heated print bed that is mounted with polyimide foil, improving the overall material adhesion. It’s also equipped with an inductive sensor that allows for semi-automatic bed leveling. Even before the loaded filament is extruded, it remains in prime condition thanks to the built-in temperature-controlled spool chamber. All in all, the system is optimized to print with high-performance materials like ASA/ABS, Nylon, and more.

Thomas Fechner, Director of the Business Unit New Business at Bosch Rexroth, explains that both the extruder and professional control systems technology takes 3D printing one step closer to becoming a true “industrial manufacturing application.”

The BigRep PRO is designed for engineers and designers that need to produce large-scale functional prototypes, composite tooling, end-use parts, and small-number serial production. Not only is this system ideal for substantially sized prints, but the printer’s compatibility with high-performance materials also makes it well-suited for functional applications in the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and other sectors.

The BigRep PRO is already available to order, while the BigRep EDGE is scheduled to be released in the middle of 2019.

BigRep PRO 3D Printer – Review the Specs & Price Technical Specifications

Image of BigRep PRO 3D Printer – Review the Specs & Price: Technical Specifications

An enormous printer such as the BigRep PRO should come equipped with some larger-than-life attributes. Thankfully, this large-format system has all of that and more. Here are the known technical specifications for the BigRep PRO 3D printer:

  • Build volume: 1005 x 1005 x 1005mm
  • Layer height resolution: 0.1 mm – 0.8 mm*
  • Extruder: Two MXT extruders
  • Printing technology: FFF
  • Certified BigRep materials: ASA, PA66, more on the way
  • Support materials: Soluble Plastics
  • Print bed temperature: Max. 99 °C
  • Printer weight: Approx. 1550 kg
  • Size: 1950 x 2430 x 1790mm
  • Power: 3 X AC 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 5100 W
  • Safety certifications: CE approved
  • Acceleration: Up to 10 ㎨

BigRep PRO 3D Printer – Review the Specs & Price Where to Buy

You can learn more about the BigRep PRO by requesting a quote below:

Product image of BigRep PRO

BigRep PRO 3D Printer

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