A Mighty Wind

Windswept Jewelry Lets You 3D Print Any Anniversary


Golden anniversary. Diamond anniversary… 3D Printing anniversary? Windswept freezes a moment in time to create gorgeous 3D Printed jewelry.

Anniversaries and meaningful dates are often little more than just that — dates. The importance of an anniversary gets lost in memory as just a number. This company wants to 3D Print anniversary jewelry that is more like reliving the day than just writing it down.

Windswept is a jewelry line from Dublin-based Love & Robots. The pendants and earrings are made to resemble a moment in time by ruffling a piece of cloth on the same breeze that blew on the special day.

“So much of what we feel attached to, what we remember, is inextricably linked to a particular place & time,” explain the creators. “We wanted to realise that in a material way by linking a particular date and place to a personalised piece of jewellery.”

3D Printed Anniversary (Image: Windswept)
3D Printed Anniversary (Image: Love & Robots)

Enter Date, Location to 3D Print Windswept

Users can choose any location in the world and date. The program, powered by forecast.io, uses historical weather data to show exactly what kind of breeze was blowing at that particular place in time. Users can watch the fold of cloth blow and pause it when they find the exact moment (and shape) they want to preserve.

Once frozen, a digital model is generated and then printed. Love & Robots uses two methods of printing, depending on the order: direct metal laser sintering or 3D printing in wax to create a mold. The Windswept pendants can be made in sterling silver, 14k gold, 14k rose-gold, gold-plated and rose gold-plated brass, and all are hand-finished.

Using data to create a re-create a moment in time, and then 3D printing it in a gorgeous piece of jewelry is definitely one of the more creative and Romantic uses of today’s coolest technologies. Not to mention, it allows the wearer to be at the focal point of the designing process.

Now, if only it was so easy to remember the actual anniversary date

3D Print anniversary dates in the form of jewelry (Image: Windswept)
3D Print anniversary dates in the form of jewelry (Image: Love & Robots)