This Time, it’s Personal.
20 Outstanding Pieces of 3D Printed Jewelry

If you are looking for something special, then 3D printed jewelry is perfect for you. Here are 20 great pieces of 3D printed jewelry.

Thing of the Week
3D Printed Deathly Hallows Dice Set

Put a little 3D into your D&D with this cool 3D-printed Deathly Hallows dice set.

DIY Beats
Print Plus DIY Headphones Review: Pump Up the Volume

Launched on Kickstarter, the Print Plus DIY Headphones kit was 18 months in the making. Read our review of the design, build & audio quality.

iPad accessories
3D Printed Curvestand for iPad

The 3D printed Curvestand is a versatile support solution for the iPad and the iPhone 4/4s.

Opposable Thumbs
Shapeways and Valve Partner to Offer 3D Printed Custom Toys

In an agreement with Shapeways, designers can now make and sell 3D printed merchandise and accessories based on hardware and games by Valve.

Canines and Cosplay
Meet Thorgi, the Corgi God of Thunder (and his Amazing Friends)

There are dog lovers, and then there's Eric Ho, founder of Raw Legend Collaborations. His Shapeways store features Corgi dogs in "Thorgi" costume, and more.

Supporting Materials
3D Printed Mesh Lingerie for a Perfect Fit

Fashion and technology come together with Mesh Lingerie, where 3D scanning and printing techniques are used to provide women with the perfectly fitted bra.

HP HP Hooray!
Signup for Early Access to HP Multi Jet Fusion with Shapeways

Attention Eager Beavers! Online 3D printing service Shapeways is launching an Early Access Programme for the HP Multi Jet Fusion printer.

Words Per Minute
Funky 3D Printed Dactyl Keyboard is Kinda Handy

Have you ever considered making your own keyboard? The dactyl keyboard is designed to fit the natural inclinations of your hands.

3D Printed Shoes
Walking on 3D Printed Works of Art

How would you like to walk on a true work of sculpted art? Italian Designer Cristina Franceschini can make it happen with 3D printed shoes.

Christmas Gifts
3D Print Your Way Out of Christmas Shopping

Cooking of ideas to do some last minute Christmas shopping? Perhaps You don’t even need to leave the house.

The Shape of Things to Come?
Shapeways is Excited about HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers

With the launch of the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer, the CEO of Shapeways explains how their partnership with HP continues to flourish.

Thing of the Week
3D printed Keycaps for PC Keyboards

Check out these 3D printed keycaps. Shapeways carries a nice collection of keycaps - from Play, Mail and Calculate to Lego and Pokemon themes.

New 3D Printing Material
Shapeways Introduces Aluminium as New 3D Printing Material

Shapeways have introduced a new addition to their materials lineup - aluminium meaning a material with a higher strength to weight ratio than any other.

iPad accessories
3D Printed iPad Stand in iMac Design

The 3D printed iPad stand is a stylish, yet convenient way of resting your iPad as you work or use the tablet for entertainment.