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20 Outstanding Pieces of 3D Printed Jewelry

3d printed jewelry

If you are looking for something special, personal and outstanding then 3D printed jewelry is perfect for you. Here are 20 great pieces of 3D printed jewelry and their sources.

3D Printed Jewelry #1: Dove’s Nest Penchant

3d printed jewelry

When it comes to high-quality 3D prints, Shapeways is one of the most popular websites, Si it’s no surprise they also  host a high-class section of 3D printed jewelry. Theis his cute little penchant is one of the most popular options on their site. You can get it in a lot different materials with prices ranging from $7 (plastic) to $1200 (Platinum).

Check it out at Shapeways.

3D Printed Jewelry #2: Antelope Ring

3d printed jewelry

If you’ve been looking for something a little bit different, then perhaps this antelope ring is right for you. But keep in mind the price tag of $147.11 – it’s currently only available in silver.

If that doesn’t bother you then find the design on Shapeways.

3D Printed Jewelry #3: New York Cityscape

3d printed jewelry

Another great 3D printed jewelry piece from Shapeways is this beautifully creative idea by shekhtwoman. As well as New York, there are many other cityscape choices too, ranging from Berlin to San Francisco. Currenty, shekhtwoman offers 25 beautiful jewel designs, which are worth a visit.

You can find the design at Shapeways.

3D Printed Jewelry #4: Silver Orchid Necklace

3d printed jewelry

Another great place to find 3D printed jewelry is Nervous System. One of the most expensive pieces on their site is this gorgeous silver orchid necklace which will set you back $390. The description says: “This silver pendant exhibits an orchid-esque bilateral symmetry and an intricate pattern of perforations reminiscent of cellular structures.”

Check it out at: Nervous Systems Shop

3D Printed Jewelry #5: Morph Silver Bangle

3d printed jewelry

This sterling silver bangle was inspired by the complex cellular patterns of nature and is part of the Cell Cycle collection. It is built up layer by layer in wax using 3D printing and cast in sterling silver using lost wax casting. If the $450 price tag doesn’t put you off, then you can find the design

If the $450 price tag doesn’t put you off, then you can find the design at the Nervous Systems website.

3D Printed Jewelry #6: Hummingbird Skull Earrings


Memento Mori is the motto of these 3D printed jewelry collection. These hummingbird skull earrings work as a pair of 3D printed jewelry in either bronze, brass or silver. This design by

This design by 3D Printed Skull, along with other items can be found on Etsy. Pricing is around $65.

3D Printed Jewelry #7: Book Earrings

3D printed jewelry

Mutating Creatures offer Australian made sustainable pendant lights, table lamps and 3D printed jewelry (or “jewellery”, as they say). The designer claims that these are “the smallest 3d printed book earrings in the world.” They have been handcrafted with real pages and make a great gift idea for any book worm.

Check out their Etsy page.

3D Printed Jewelry #8: Crown Ring

3D printed jewelry

Trove is an online platform for discovering, sharing, and customizing 3D printed jewelry designs. You can browse through a variety of design templates and use the in-browser customization software to personalize your jewelry to perfectly fit your style. Check out this design

Check out at Trove.

3D Printed Jewelry #9: Arrow Necklace


This elegant design is also from Trove. You can choose from materials ranging from sterling silver to 18K gold. Any design created on Trove becomes a part of their social stream, where users can explore and discover designs customized by others users. You can find this 3D printed jewelry piece

You can find this 3D printed jewelry piece also at Trove.

3D Printed Jewelry #10: Pronto 3D Earrings

3D printedd jewelry

The younger generation of professionals from the established company, Nemesi, have launched Pronto3D, an online service that makes jewelry manufacturing skills available to everyone. You can find the design in their

You can find the design in their Nemesi portfolio.

3D Printed Jewelry #11: Wearable Planter Vase

3D printed jewelry

If you’re looking for some more alternative jewelry, then this planter necklace may be perfect for you. The designer said: “Carry a plant with you on an adventure.” Thingiverse have an extensive range of interesting 3D printed jewelry. check out this design

Check out this particular design at the Thingiverse website.

3D Printed Jewelry #12: Lotus Ring

3D printed jewelry

This uformit design is beautifully elegant. The best part of this 3D printed jewelry site is that you are in control of how you want your finished product to look. By using controls, you can easily customize your design. Check out the print

Check out the print at uformit.

3D Printed Jewelry #13: Lightning Bolt Earrings

3D printed jewelry

This quirky design was created by aprinc on Thingiverse. It‘s free for anyone to download here (as long as you don’t use it commercially). You either need a 3D printer or a 3D printing service to have it printed for you. Once you print is in your hands, you can easily attach fish hook earrings using two jump rings.

Get it from Thingiverse.

3D Printed Jewelry #14: Romi Beads

3D printed jewelry

These wide round shaped beads can easily be mixed and matched to create a quirky and personal bracelet or necklace. They also can be printed in a variety of different colors. You can find

You can find this design, and others like it on 3DShook.

3D Printed Jewelry #15: Mayan Triangles Ring

3D printed jewelry

The designer said: “Inspired by the legendary mayan civilization, this ring represents the geometric perfection of the architecture, design and symbology of this great ancient civilization. The equilibrium symbol is at the center of the ring.” Check out the design.

Check out the design on Thingiverse.

3D Printed Jewelry #16: Bear Pendant

3D printed jewelry

This geometric bear print makes a very simple 3D printed jewelry piece which you could easily wear every day. You can find this simple, cute design on 3DShook for $2.

3D Printed Jewelry #17: Umbrella Girls

3D printed jewelry

If you fancy having miniature people hanging from your earlobes, then this design is one for you. The cute little umbrella girls will set you back €26.15. Find the design on Shapeways.

3D Printed Jewelry #18: Silver Bamboo Cuff

3D printed jewelry

Nervous System said of this design: “Inspired by the complex forms of radiolarians, where intricate pattern is integral to structure, these shapes derive from a simulation of spring meshes.” This piece costs $320, but is pretty impressive. Check it out

Check it out at Nervous System’s Shop.

3D Printed Jewelry #19: Chunky Bracelet

3D printed jewelry

This piece of 3D printed jewelry offers you a lot of customization choices. The designer suggests that once you have printed the piece you can have fun painting and decorating it. She even suggested printing it in different colors and gluing rhinestones on it.

Check out the design at Thingiverse.

3D Printed Jewelry #20: Origami Crane Necklace

3D printed jewelry

The designer said of this piece: “This elegant, brass origami crane charm allows you to carry your hopes and wishes with you everywhere you go.” You can find the design on Etsy.

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