Robot Arm-y
Open Bionics Begins World First Bionic Hand Trial in Bristol

Open Bionics trial of 3D printed bionic hands for children begins in Bristol, UK this week and could result in NHS offering better designs.

Ancient Wonder
3D Printed Trilobites in Metal Look Absolutely Incredible

Scientist creates a set of beautiful 3D printed trilobites in steel, bronze and silver, using a Formlabs printer and metal printing service from Shapeways.

Blooming Brilliant
NTU Researchers Develop 3D Printed Sunflowers that Bloom in Sunlight

Nanyang Technological University researchers 3D printed a sunflower which blooms in sunlight, even after being forced into a bud shape.

Lights Out
Why Not 3D Print a Pinhole Projector for Total Eclipse 2017?

A TOTAL ECLIPSE is coming! Where in the United States are you? NASA is offering a set of 3D printable pinhole projectors for your home state.

Matters of the Heart
Artificial Silicone Heart 3D Printed by ETH Zurich

Researchers from ETH Zurich have developed an entirely soft artificial heart made with a combination of 3D printing and lost-wax casting.

Unresolved Murder
3D Printing Used to Reproduce a Murder Victim’s Skull in a Cold Case

3D printing and scanning is used to help police solve a cold case. Investigators recreated the skull of a Jane Doe murder victim from 1970.

Seeing is Believing
3D Printed Camera Lenses can Give Drones Eagle-Like Vision

Engineers at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, have created a 3D printed camera that can give micro-drones eagle-like vision.

3D Printing is 1,000 Times Faster with Overclocked Crystal Technique

3D printing could become up to 1,000 times faster thanks to an overclocked crystal technique developed by researchers.

Pinky and the Brain
How To Turn an MRI Into a 3D Printed Brain

One maker shares the story behind his 3D Printed Brain, and gives step-by-step instructions for turning any MRI into a printed creation.

Say Cheese!
Digital Smile Design Uses 3D Printing To Plan Dental Procedures

Using digital scanning and the Form 2, Digital Smile Design allows dental patients to view the results of their procedure before it happens.

Red Faction
UCF and NASA to 3D Print Human Habitats with Martian Soil

University of Central Florida and NASA are researching how astronauts can 3D print habitats and tools on the Red Planet using Martian soil.

That's No Moon
Impressive Lunar Phase Clock Made with 3D Printing & Arduino

Behold the 3D printed lunar phase clock, made with Arduino and open source tools, that reflects the phases of the moon with LED lights.

Ulticast Process Uses 3D Printer to Cast Silicone for Soft Robotics

Students from Delft University of Technology have modfied a 3D printer to cast silicone for soft robotics in a process they call Ulticast.

Space Camp
High School Students Make 3D Printed Rocket Propellant

High schoolers joined SD Mines' Research and Engineering Apprenticeship summer program to make 3D printed rocket propellant.

Fish are Family, Not Food
400-Million-Year-Old Fish Fossil Shows Evolutionary Link with Humans

Researchers from the Australian National University used 3D printing to show the link between a 400-million-year-old fish fossil and humans.