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[Project] 3D Print Your Own Magnetic Stirrer


Need some on-the-run laboratory equipment or just a neat way to mix liquids? One hobbyist named John Coggeshall shows us how to build a 3D printed magnetic stirrer. Let’s get scientific!

Do you remember your first mind-blowing experience in science class? Was it a chemical reaction oozing out of your beaker? Staring slack-jawed as you learned about the magic behind magnetic fields?

Whether or not scientific experimentation currently plays a integral role in your career, science has most likely shaped your life in one way or another. And, using your 3D printer, you can bring those fond memories of exploration back into your life.

A hobbyist named John Coggeshall has recently created a 3D printed Magnetic Stirrer. He decided to build one after learning that his fiancee wanted a better way to mix her paints.

This scientific instrument works by using a motor to spin two powerful magnets with opposite polarity. These components are mounted under a platform that will hold the beaker. By placing a pill-like contraption containing two additional magnets into the liquid that will be mixed.

The magnetic attraction between the pill and motor-mounted magnets will align. Finally, once the motor is turned on, the magnets start to stir the liquid.

Sounds a bit complicated, doesn’t it? Well, believe it or not, building your own 3D printed Magnetic Stirrer is easier than it looks.

3D Printed Magnetic Stirrer: What Do You Need?

According to Coggeshall, there’s almost no soldering required, and you’ll only need a few electronic components. Aside from a 3D printer and PLA filament, here’s what else you need to start putting a little spin on your weekend:

3D Printed Magnetic Stirrer: Putting it All Together

Coggeshall explains the assembly process on This Smart House, a DIY website that contains a handful of interesting projects. After sharing the reasoning behind why he developed the Magnetic Stirrer, he broke down why he settled on each part.

The hobbyist realized that using a 80mm 12V DC computer fan would be much more convenient than designing something to spin the magnets on his own. With the fan as the base, he decided to 3D print an enclosure for the magnets and glue it to the fan.

His model is set up with four magnet slots, even though his project only uses two magnets in this particular section. This was done to allow others to use the outer slots for a bigger stir rod, or even use four magnets if you so desire. The creator of the project shares a bit of insight before moving into the step-by-step assembly instructions.

“When building this device it is really important that the distance between the magnetics within the case, and the magnetic pill itself within the container be as close as possible. They are powerful magnets for sure, but for our purposes even a millimeter or two can drastically change how effective the device is at mixing,” Coggeshall says.

Once everything is 3D printed, there are just a few simple steps to putting it all together with glue and light soldering. In a matter of minutes, you will be mixing and mashing liquids using the power of magnets.

If you want to build you own 3D printed Magnetic Stirrer, be sure to check out the full step-by-step instructions on the This Smart House website.

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