This 3D Printed Seamless Jacket Looks Totally Handsome

3D Printed Seamless Jacket

The perfect jacket isn’t hand-tailored. It’s printed. This 3D printed seamless jacket is just what the modern closet is missing.

Ready for jackets that really fit? Boston-based athleisure brand Ministry of Supply is now producing a 3D printed Seamless Jacket. No strings attached, just pure printed comfiness.

Seamless, Wasteless, and Just Plain Gorgeous

3D Printed seamless jacket (Image: Ministry of Supply)

The company uses several of 3D printing’s best qualities to design the special jacket. First and foremost, it’s 3D printed in one piece — and that means no seams. There are no sleeves or lapels that need to be stitched together. No loose threads. Using a 3D robotic knitting process, the end creation comes out just like a tailor-made jacket, but better.

3D modeling means the garment is designed specifically to fit the human shape. And, despite the missing seams, the jacket does include articulated joints to align with the contours of the body.

Printed in one piece (Image: Ministry of Supply)

Other 3D printing perks include the chance to make some parts thicker and some thinner just by changing the design. That could mean better ventilation and a more comfortable fit all around. Plus, 3D printed clothes are far less wasteful. Traditional sewing methods waste between 15 and 30% of the material. 3D printing, of course, means the jacket will leave zero waste. Best of all, this is just the beginning of printed fashion, and Supply of Ministry knows it.

“This is the next generation of manufacturing and design for clothing,” cofounder and chief design officer, Gihan Amarasiriwardena, told Mashable. “It could lead to a world where a customer could walk into a store, have measurements taken via a scan and order a garment that’s printed for their unique body shape.”

Unfortunately, you can’t just pop into a store and pick up one of these jackets off the rack. The process takes around 1.5 hours, which is still faster than truly hand-tailored garments. Jackets are currently available from Ministry of Supply for $250—or, they were. Their first test batch included only 50 jackets. Given how handsome (and comfy) these jackets look, there’s no chance Ministry of Supply won’t be coming back with more, next time.