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3D Printable O Watch: Updates From the 8-Year Old Maker

O Watch

A staff pick, the O Watch was 70% funded on Kickstarter within its first 24 hours. Now fully backed, 8-year old Omkar and his team are sharing some news.

Two weeks ago, the incredible O Watch campaign kicked off on Kickstarter. Inspired, designed and headed by 8-year old Omkar Govil-Nair, the Arduino smartwatch and 3D printed case has made headlines on every major 3D printing site around. Finally, we get to catch up and see how the project is going.

Learn from the Creator

Just 8 years old, Omkar already archieved his first successful Kickstarter campaign (image: Omkar Govil-Nair)
Just eight years old, Omkar already achieved his first successful Kickstarter campaign (image: Omkar Govil-Nair)

Having already held Arduino workshops at Cisco DevNetKids and MakerEd Young Makers, young Omkar is hardly new to the spotlight.

Once the Kickstarter orders are fulfilled, the young maker is planning to hold special O Watch workshops in the San Fransisco Bay area. This is a great opportunity for those parents who have trouble with technology but still want their children to have fun and learn.

From the O Watch Newsroom

Omkar, overseeing the manufacturing process (image: Kickstarter)
Omkar, overseeing the manufacturing process (image: Kickstarter)

The O Watch announced two new partnerships. For those young makers who don’t have their own 3D printer, 3D Hubs is not just partnering with O Watch, but offering a special $10 credit, with no minimum requirement. They are also working to link with 3D Hubs’ Teleport API, so buyers can order their 3D prints directly from the O Watch website.

They have also partnered with Tiny Circuits to design and manufacture the electronic components. Tiny Circuits has designed a new Arduino Zero-based module for the project to help cut down on the final product’s components and thickness.
Being in high demand, Omkar had to take time from his busy schedule to speak at both the Brit + Co Re: Make Conference in San Fransisco. The O Watch will also be featured at the Maker Faire in NYC on September 26th-27th.

The O Watch Product Updates

The O Watch team hasn’t just been stirring up media attention, they’ve also been making their great product better. They’ve tested and confirmed that the watch can be used up to 6 hours of continual use. They are working to integrate other 3D printing programs, including TinkerCAD and 123D Design.

thank you

Lastly, Omkar and his team have repeatedly expressed their gratitude to backers, and the numerous positive comments and responses received.