Eco-Friendly Cuppa

Sustainable 3D Printing with “Wound Up” Coffee Filament

Coffee filament

A new 3D Printing filament pairs two things we love: sustainability and coffee. That’s one 3D Printed Coffee Mug, to go, please.

In North Dakota, the desire to make better, environmentally sustainable products is bringing two companies together. 3Dom USA works primarily in the field of specialized filaments, while c2renew focuses on using bio composites to create items with a positive impact. The result: “Wound Up” filament, made using waste byproducts from coffee.

Apart from a deep brown color, the coffee filament also has a very noticeable natural grain and unique finish. It may even be stronger than typical filaments, though that hasn’t been properly tested. And a nice eco touch: the spool is biodegradable.

When You Print The Filament, It Smells Like Coffee

The spool is also biodegradable (image: 3Dom)
The spool is also biodegradable (image: 3Dom)

Best (or worst) of all, it also has a distinct coffee smell when printing. 3Dom USA’s John Schneider describes it as having “almost a latte smell to it, but heavy on the syrup side of things.”

It’s awesome to see companies coming together to make sustainable products for 3D printing, as Wound Up really requires expertise from two different areas. Only by pairing 3Dom USA’s real knowledge of filaments and filament creation with c2renew’s understanding of bio products was it made possible.

A 3D printed coffee molecule, made with coffee filament (image: 3Dom)
A 3D printed coffee molecule, made with coffee filament (image: 3Dom)

In a field already being heralded as a means to produce less waste, items like Wound Up are making it even better. While ordinary plastic filaments could be re-purposed, and are generally not wasted in the printing process, natural filaments mean a real, lasting effect and less bio waste build up. In Schneider’s own words:

“This entire thing, if in the right conditions could go into a compost pile and would eventually break down. Not overnight, not over the course of weeks, but over the course of months.”

C2renew has jump-started the movement by bringing out their very own c2cup made from coffee filament. The company is now looking to produce these on a much larger scale to share with coffee drinkers everywhere. In a world plagued by disposable coffee cups, hopefully the c2cup can make a real impact. (Via: WDAY)