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3D Printed Shy-Light Eno

Shy-Light Eno
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The black Shy-Light Eno (L/G) edition (source: Shapeways)
The black Shy-Light Eno (L/G) edition (source: Shapeways)

Lighting definitely accentuates and adds to the look of your home, just like the Shy-Light Eno. The 3D printed Shy-Light Eno is provocatively curved just like a woman showing that she is indeed very shy. We are used to the geometric lighting forms which are very common, however, this lamp’s organic shape undoubtedly stands out. She only allows a glowing glimpse of what she holds inside.

Shy-Light Eno is available in various sizes: M, L, L/G. The Eno Grand (L/G) is approximately 26 cm tall. This unique series of light shades is suitable for LED lights such as Luxeon/Cree LEDs as well as the smaller led tea-lights. Unlike other lighting solutions which beam direct light rays, even blinding your vision, the Shy-Light Eno shade obscures the source from direct view, resulting in a gentle light emerging.

The white Shy-Light Eno (L/G) edition (source: Shapeways)
The white Shy-Light Eno (L/G) edition (source: Shapeways)

Shy-Light Eno was designed by Virtox. Virtox ventures to create well-thought and provoking 3D printing designs. His derives his design inspirations from technology, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. His other areas of expertise include designer, maker and artist.

His Shy-Light Eno is made from nylon plastic material with a matte finish and slight grainy feel. The largest edition L/G is available in black or in white in different sizes: The black lamp costs €233, while the white lamp costs €228. The smaller L edition is also made either from white or black plastic (€167, respectively €164) or in metallic plastic (€241). The smallest edition (M) is 12.5cm high; it is available in various colors and shapes and costs €103.

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