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Sharebot Voyager WARP Promises Super Speedy DLP

Sharebot Voyager WARP

With blazing speeds and high accuracy, the Sharebot Voyager WARP stakes its claim as a category-leading DLP 3D printer.

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Sharebot has announced an “important technological innovation” at the Additive Manufacturing Show in Amsterdam this week. No, it’s not a Star Trek Replicator. But it’s something *almost* as neat.

The Sharebot Voyager WARP is a digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer that operates at a speed that’s reportedly ten times faster than any other DLP printer currently on the market.

The catch, however, is that this speed is only possible using bespoke resins offered by Sharebot. Whilst the new machine is compatible with standard DLP resin, it can only process them at the normal speed.

In the video below you can see the WARP in action, placed side-by-side against another resin printer. Also, a dinky little soundtrack to keep your eyes from drooping.

Sharebot Voyager WARP is a Breakthough in DLP?

DLP works by using a projector to “strike” a vat of resin material with a UV image. Once the resin has been hit by the ray of light, it solidifies. In tandem with a Z axis vertical movement, the process is repeated layer by layer to create a 3D object.

The WARP system, developed by Sharebot R&D in collaboration with another company named BlueCat, claims to optimize the printing process so the necessary exposure time for every single layer is reduced to just few hundredths of a second.

Using their RW-16 castable resin, for example the printing speed is increased from 10mm/h to 100mm/h, improving the printing process and optimizing the workflow.

So we have a superfast DLP 3D printer. Great. Who will benefit from the amazing new technology? The folks at Sharebot are targeting the Sharebot Voyager Warp specifically at the jewelry sector, based on it’s capacity for high-precision 3D printing (with resolutions of up to 50 microns) while also being very fast.

What else? The printer also comes with a bespoke software suite called PHASER, designed to manage the machine and assorted processes over a local network. Presumably, it’s been set to STUN-ing 3D printer results…

Street price for the Sharebot Voyage WARP has not yet been announced, though if you contact them directly via their site you’ll be added to a mailing list.

sharebot voyager warp