12 Picks from the Shapeways Holiday Gift Guide 2015


Shapeways release their 2015 holiday gift guide, featuring hundreds of 3D printed presents for your loved ones. These are our top choices.

We’re hurtling down the home stretch of 2015, but first we have to survive the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Are you ready for the annual flurry of giving and receiving?

Sure, you could join the rampaging hordes for Black Friday. Or you could do something completely different this year and buy your presents from a 3D printing service like Shapeways.

Why? Because you’ll be impressing your nearest and dearest with the amazing capabilities of 3D printing technology, plus doing your bit to support 3D printing designers — a very creative, but traditionally cash-strapped species.

The 2015 Shapeways Gift Guide is split into the following categories: Women’s Jewelry; Men’s Accessories; Home; Holiday Décor; Phone Cases; Math and Science; Life Hacks; Tech Accessories; Conversation Starters; Memes; Minis; and Games.

There’s also a series of gifts for Under $25, Under $50, Under $100, and $100 and Up.

Here’s a selection of our picks from each category. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

1. For Her

what a lovely day shapeways

The What a Day Banner Pendant is customizable with your own personal message. Not in the mood for boundless optimism? Swap it out with something more emotionally authentic. “Your breath smells awful”, perhaps? Available in gold, silver, steel, and more, starting at $49.00

2. For Him

The Colonel Belt Buckle shapeways

The Colonel Belt Buckle is a completely non-ironic portrait of a GRIZZLED LION with an EYE-PATCH. How the lion came to be wearing an eye-patch is a mystery. The buckle is ready to use, you just need a leather strap to snap it on. Available in bronze, brass and silver, starting at $109.00

3. For the Home

moon shot espresso cup shapeways

Take a trip to infinity and beyond with this Moon Shot Espresso Cup. Those little craters pock-marking the surface are authentic, modeled on a scaled height map of the actual moon, based on real lunar survey data. The cup holds about 2.5 fl oz (73 ml) of rocket fuel. 3D printed in food-safe porcelain, starting at $33.00

4. For Decking the Halls

Christmas Tree Wax Seal shapeways

Give all your greeting cards and gifts a touch of class with this Christmas Tree Wax Seal. All you need is some sealing wax and a candle, and away you go. A nice touch is that the top of the handle is marked, so that you can easily align the impression and avoid setting it upside down. Yours for $49.48

5. For the Phone Lover

BendU shapeways

BendU is a universal desktop stand for tablets and mobile phones. So whatever the size or model of the smart-device, this stand is guaranteed to fit in a portrait or landscape position. BendU comes in a variety of bright plastic colors starting at $29.90.

6. For the Maths Geek

The Grid shapeways

The Grid is a “stereographic projection” lamp; hold a light source at the top, and the curves on the sphere will cast shadows, mapping out a straight line grid on the surrounding surface. Cool effect, huh? Available in plastic for $18.00

7. For the Life Hacker

cross kitchen towel hook shapeways

You may not think this “Cross” Kitchen Towel Hook is much of a life hack, but consider this — how often do you run out of spaces to hang up a coat? A towel? An unbrella? With these geometrically designed hooks in polished grey steel, the answer is “never again”. Starting at $25.00

8. For the Tech-Head

Apple Watch Charging Stand shapeways

Apple Watches are going to be a popular item this Christmas. Accessorize that new gadget with this elegant and simple Apple Watch Charging Stand. It’s designed for both 38mm and 42mm verions, and compatible with Sport and Stainless Steel wireless charger modules. Available in different shades of plastic and finishes, starting at $24.00

9. For the Green-Fingered

bike-mounted planter pot shapeways

Grow some foliage on your fixie with this bike-mounted planter pot. Perfect for small potted plants and flowers, so they can feel the wind through their leaves as you merrily peddle about your day. Available in multiple shades of ABS plastic, starting at $45.00

10. For the Meme Addict

poop emoji shapeways

Emoji are bigger than ever, and it’s time to liberate them from your computer screen. A selection of popular emoji — ranging from your standard grin to the more audacious poop symbol — are a great idea for 3D printing and gift-wrapping this holiday season.  Material is sandstone, and prices start at $19.99

11. For the Miniaturist

coatrack shapeways

In the category of pretty small things, of which we are given to understand there are quite a few admirers, we recommend this 1:24 Miniature Coatrack. Squint, and you’ll notice that it’s similar to the one that Doctor Who has in his TARDIS control room. Exciting! Available in metal and plastic, prices start at $8.00

12. For the Playful

credit card chess set shapeways

This Credit Card Chess Set is about the size of — you guessed it — a standard credit card. Perfect for those unexpected emergencies where you absolutely positively MUST play a game of chess with someone (but you’ll probably need to carry two pairs of tweezers also). Available 3D printed in various shades of colorful plastic; prices start at $12.00

BONUS: Design your Own Gifts on Shapeways

Prefer to design your own custom 3D printed gift? Shapeways have several configurator apps that allow you to create personalized items in a variety of categories. Ranging from ornaments and jewelry to toys and cookie-cutters, this Easy 3D Printing portal has all the tools to get you started.