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3D Printed Self Portrait Pendant

Self Portrait Pendant

Self Portrait Pendant
Self Portrait Pendant

It is safe to say that pendant jewelry has evolved over the years to an entirely new level of personalized designs, where designers gain complete control in determining which features of their designs should be exposed to their clients. The Self Portrait Pendant is a unique decorative mask that combines filigree patterns with actual biometric face data.

Joshua Harker's Self Portrait Pendant (source: i.Materialise)
Joshua Harker’s Self Portrait Pendant (source: i.Materialise)

This exquisite jewel from renowned artist Joshua Harker (see also this article on All3DP) allows an individual to include their own 3D face scan to personalize the mask and cloud the relationship between the viewer and artist, hence the utmost modern day self portrait. Joshua Harker is an American artist who is regarded as a pioneer and visionary in 3D printed art & sculpture. His series of “un-makeable” complex tangles is attributed to be the first to break the design and manufacturing possibility threshold. To be able to fully appreciate the gravity of these pieces, one needs to understand the practical impossibilities of the Self Portrait Pendant.

The 3D printed Self Portrait Pendant is made from brass-gold plated polished material. Prices start at 178 Euros plus VAT.

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