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Roccat Nyth 3D Printable Mouse For Pro Gamers

Roccat Nyth

Roccat Nyth is a PC mouse with custom 3D printable buttons. Together with the Xbox One Elite controller, it’s a new era in precision gaming.

Based out of Hamburg, Roccat Studios makes peripherals for PC gaming. Actually, this is something of an understatement. They make some seriously heavy duty kit, with sleekly designed mice and keyboards that deliver uncompromising performance for pro gaming.

Roccat is at the vanguard of precision tools for pro-gaming, and other industry players have followed suit. At this week’s E3 expo, Microsoft have announced a new Xbox One Elite Controller, complete with customisable buttons and swappable paddles. It’s a gloriously loony contraption… but it’s nothing compared to the Roccat Nyth.

Roccat Nyth has more buttons than you have fingers

Roccat Nyth Custom Buttons
Roccat Nyth Custom Buttons

Their newest flagship product, the Roccat Nyth, a gaming mouse with 12 customisable buttons. What in the seven bells of hell do gamers need 12 buttons for? Well, the point is that it allows you to programme the mouse to issue bespoke commands at the click of a button.

That’s incredibly useful when timing is of the essence, for instance when casting spells in an Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, or barking commands at your squad in a First Person Shooter (FPS).

What makes the Roccat Nyth especially unique, however, is the promised option to 3D print extra buttons and slot them into the mouse.

With a grid of 3×4 buttons, you don’t need to fill every slot with an action key. Players can opt to create a button that straddles two slots in the grid, for example, or just implement three rows of three buttons. It all depends on the game you’re playing, and the individual style of the player.

The scheduled street date is this August, timed to coincide with GamesCon in Cologne. PC gamers are very likely to go gaga for this very special mouse, but for the privilege of owning one they’ll have to prise open their wallets. The price-tag will be at least $90 bucks.

BONUS: If you fancy something a little bit more old-school, this tutorial from Adafruit and the Ruiz Brothers shows you how to 3D print and build a DIY Bluetooth Joypad. Perhaps not ideal for pro gaming at your desktop, but perfect for games on your tablet or smartphone.

Image source: PC Gamer