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A Working 3D Printed Rick and Morty Portal Gun

Rick and Morty

Don’t even trip, dawg, because this maker 3D printed a Rick and Morty portal gun complete with moving portal, and epic teaser video.

Rick and Morty may not be the most mature and refined show on television, but it has plenty of flarping, and also drunken interstellar escapades. So what’s the only thing cooler than an incredible Rick and Morty cosplay? A functional 3D printed Rick and Morty portal gun. Well, not quite “functional,” but it makes a cool animated portal appear on the wall.

Yes, animated. Maker Dave Dalton from Hammerspace in Missouri squished a projector into his portal gun just to accomplish this feat, and it was no easy task. Dalton explains that turning the video on and off created major issues.

He “wasn’t able to directly control the projector without making a menu pop up in the projection and that spoiled the effect, so I opted to use an LCD shutter borrowed from some 3D glasses to obstruct the projection.”

That means the portal animation is actually playing on a continuous loop. All Dalton does when pressing the button is open the shutter. This clever tweak, however, created yet another problem. How could Dalton know when to open the shutter? Does he guess? Wouldn’t he most likely open the shutter smack in the middle of the animation? That’s why he added a fiber optic in the projection path that allows him to monitor the timing and get it right every time.

Practically every piece of the portal gun is 3D printed. The fact that 3D printing enables you to create and design with precision, meant Dalton was also able to make a highly practical design. It is equipped with an onboard Adafruit charger as well as a charger for the projector. The bits and pieces all fit beautifully together. In fact, the only thing more beautiful is the video Dalton made to go with it. Narrated in a scarily convincing Rick impersonation, it’s definitely worth a watch. Check it out below.

Want your own? You can purchase the design from Hammerspace here. Or find the Portal Gun at Instructables.

(Via: Makezine)