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Printabowl: Hit that High with a 3D Printed Water Bong


Form meets function with Printabowl, where two brothers are selling beautiful 3D printed ceramic objects that also function as… water bongs?

There are many weird and wonderful applications for additive manufacturing, but this is potentially the dankest yet.

Seattle startup Printabowl has launched a collection of 3D printed water bongs for smoking marijuana.

These aren’t any old water pipes, these are high-quality “elevation instruments” for enthusiasts of herbal highs and cannabis culture.

And the designs are so out of this world, they wouldn’t look amiss on display in an art gallery or a museum (rather than hidden them away in a shoebox under your bed).

Printabowl is the brainchild of two brothers, Al and Saul Jacobs, who were studying arts degrees at the University of Washington in Seattle when they took a hit of inspiration from a science-centered course on creativity and innovation.

The pair started Printabowl in 2015 “to nourish their shared appreciation of design in lieu of Washington state’s recreational cannabis legalization.”

Indeed, it’s a good time to be getting into the marijuana business. To date, 23 American states have legalized marijuana use in some form. The majority only allow it for medicinal purposes, although recreational use is permitted in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington DC and Washington state.

Here’s a picture of the Jacobs brothers and their wares. Just look at these mischievous little cherubs:

Printabowl Brothers

Choose your Favorite Printabowl

Important to note that the bongs themselves are not directly 3D printed; the technology for 3D printed ceramic is still very much in its infancy. But the molds used to make them are, which allows the team to make multiple bong styles quickly and easily.

The debut Camula Collection features three distinct, creative designs — Alpha, Ferro, and Tessalate — with prices starting at $300 and now shipping. Moreover, the brothers pledge that these are limited run water pipes, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Alpha is a sleek and minimalist design. It’s all about elegance while smoking. The Ferro is inspired by ferrofluid, a liquid that is reactive to magnetic forces, and has a very distinct tactile appeal.

Finally, the Tesselate has an angular geometry recalling images of quartz or other gems. In their own, rather stoner-rific words: “Replicating the positive essence that informs smokey quartz’s metaphysical allure, Tessellate roots the Cumulo collection with its imaginative form founded from Earth’s agency as a matter-shaping entity.”

Each bong measures 7.75 inches (19 centimetres) in height and comes with a glass stem and bowl. Check out Printabowl’s Instagram feed for more images, where they’re clearly having lots of fun with their bold new business venture.

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