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Philips Unveils New 3D Printed Shaver

3D Printed Shaver

This personalized 3D printed shaver from Philips proves big names are ready for 3D printing! Is your beard?

3D Printing just got a little hairier. In a bold move, Philips has decided to offer something incredibly different: a 3D printed shaver. Buyers can design their shaver, choosing design, color, accessories and even a personalized message.

3D Printed Shaver from Philips
3D Printed Shaver from Philips

This is a special pilot program to test the waters. Sadly, it’s limited to a total of 125 units.

To make it a bit more fair, they’ll only be selling two units every day. Finally, the biggest constraint: it’s limited to Philips’ home country of the Netherlands. Orders can only be shipped to Dutch addresses (boo!).

But don’t despair! The entire process is still incredibly cool. Just head over the and get design your own shaver. There are two different styles, seven colors, and an optional beard styler or precision trimmer. Both styles cost 99€ and come with free shipping (and a 60-day money back guarantee).

The personalized parts of each shaver is 3D printed at Shapeways using selective laser sintering (SLS). Parts are then colored, finished, packaged and shipped.

Best of all, Philips seems not only excited about bringing 3D printing into their usual business, but very certain about the results. This pilot program is likely just the tip of the iceberg. They invites customers to “play an important part in the future development of our industry” by getting on board with their first 3D printed shaver. But they don’t stop there:

“The 3D printing industry is fast evolving; it’s seen as an innovation which will transform the manufacturing industry by allowing for maximum customization through which, in the end, consumers like you will be the designers!”

The 3D printed shaver doesn’t just come with all the amenities of a Philips shaver—it has double the personalizability and technological awesomeness. Here’s hoping this pilot program yields excellent results and Philips will return next season with more.