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New MoonRay S DLP 3D Printer Set to Eclipse Rivals

MoonRay S

Southern California-based company SprintRay takes major strides with their new DLP desktop 3D printer, the MoonRay S.

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This past week at CES 2017, SprintRay made a bid for the big-time with the MoonRay S, a next-generation desktop 3D printer that builds upon their experience and expertise in digital light processing (DLP) technology. DLP uses a process similar to stereolithographic (SLA) printing, but uses a light source instead of a high-powered laser to cure resin in a tank.

Back in 2015, the Los Angeles company SprintRay turned to Kickstarter to help develop the original MoonRay. Self-proclaimed as the “World’s Best Desktop 3D Printer”, the crowdfunding campaign was an immediate success, and the resulting printer quickly developed a reputation for high quality printing capabilities at an unusually affordable price.

The new MoonRay S has a number of improvements over the previous model, and has even been recognized as an Innovation Awards Honoree at the recent CES exhibition.

With an emphasis on accessibility, quality, and user control. The new machine provides an XY resolution of 100 microns and a minimum layer thickness of 20 microns, offering an impeccable surface finish even without post-processing. The custom-built RayOne LED DLP projector is engineered to offer professional-grade accuracy.

The MoonRay S is also equipped with an easy-to-clean resin tank that lasts up to 50L, up to 25 times longer than other traditional DLP/SLA desktop 3D printers. SprintRay also developed an improved build platform and finishing kit to enable better post-processing for 3D printed parts.

moonray s

MoonRay S Promises Superior Prints and Control

Amir Mansouri, the CEO and co-founder of SprintRay, said in a press release:

“We want to set the bar for 3D printing by printing faster, with higher resolution, and with long lasting reliability — and we think MoonRay S does just that. We are focused on delivering ease of use, quality of results, and cost-efficiency. MoonRay S, and our specialized materials, brings users the advanced functionality they want while maintaining the machine’s simplicity and reliability.”

In addition to improved 3D printing capabilities, the MoonRay S also comes equipped with RayWare software to fully optimize the user experience. The software allows users to wirelessly start a print from anywhere, and also handles the support generation and slicing all on its own.

The RayWare software also acts a 3D printer management system, monitoring multiple machines at once and delivering informative print status updates.  

After bringing DLP desktop 3D printing technology to the forefront of the market back in 2015, SprintRay is now offering even more intuitiveness and accessibility with the MoonRay S. Their latest 3D printer is currently available for $3,999, just $500 more than the original model’s retail price.   

Source: Press Release

moonray s