“Netflix for Toys,” Pley, Adds 3D Printer Rental

Netflix for Toys

Pley, the “Netflix for toys,” wants kids to design and rent toys. They now offer 3D printable designs. Got no 3D Printer? Rent it, too.

Families are already excited about the ways 3D printing can change toys and playtime. A child’s drawing can now become a real-like creation, and it can happen in a matter of days. California-based toy company Pley already has their foot in the door of printable children’s toys.

Now, they’ve announced plans to rent 3D printers and stream toy designs directly to customers.

Why Pley Are Integrating 3D Printers for Toys

Print your own...uhh.... this thing (Image: Pley)
Print your own…uhh…. this thing (Image: Pley)

Some parents are already makers. They have a printer. They know Thingiverse inside and out. For others, it’s a cool technology that still feels very alien. Pley may be able to bridge that gap with their new business plan: Instead of driving out to a major retailer and picking from the barrage of expensive, typical toys, parents have the opportunity to print from the comfort of their own home.

Forget Shopping: Pley Wants You To Download Toys


Pley founded last year, where they crowdsourced for new toy ideas. Kids could design and vote on each others’ designs. When one hits 5,000 votes, it is made available for other members to stream, and to made into a real, physical toy. The next step for Pley is to stream their catalog of over 1,000 toy designs, and also publish software that enables customers to design their own with ease.

Creating toys made by kids is a great—and fun—idea (some ideas right here). The toys currently available range from childhood necessities (like a 2-in-1 convertible police wagon) to one-of-of-kind (like rainbow colored Hippie Dirigibles and gorilla mechs). As Pley co-founder and CEO, Ranan Lachman, explains:

“Our goal is to inspire and develop children to think creatively and release their potential by creating their own toys. Kids are significantly more creative than adults, so why do we keep buying them toys designed by adults? At Pley, we believe that children should create their own toys.”

The 3D printer-rental service will not be an easy task, but it is a very forward-thinking one. Kid-friendly printers will be made available and, if parents choose, they can also be purchased. We all know that kids love toys…for about a week. Instead of wasting money on toys that end up under the bed, renting them sounds like a much more economical idea.