mostfun Pro 3D Printer With Intel Edison Inside

mostfun Pro

The first ever desktop 3D Printer with an Intel processor, the mostfun Pro, is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

mostfun ProReportedly borne out of a collaboration with the computing giant Intel, Chinese 3D printer manufacturer mostfun is preparing to launch a new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their latest product, the mostfun Pro. It’s a desktop 3D printer in a compact and stylish design, with an aluminum metal frame and a generous build space of 33 x 33 x 38 cm. Most significantly, it’s packing an Intel Edison processor.

mostfun CEO Lvzhou Chen said in a press release:

“A good 3D printer should be reliable and easy to use. It should require no manual to go through to get it started and should always deliver steady performance over the long term. This is exactly what we want to bring to you with the mostfun Pro.”

Why is the mostfun Pro a big deal? Because utilizing an Intel Edison processor means true ‘plug ‘n play’ interoperability out of the box. The dual-core CPU, specifically designed for reliable operation, doesn’t require additional drivers or a software packages. It can be can be plugged into your home/office wireless network using P2P sharing or wireless connectivity, and communicate with a multitude of devices over WiFi and Bluetooth.

mostfun ProThese connectivity features promise to make 3D printer operation by smartphone or tablet operation easier than ever before. A QR code, for example, can be generated to authenticate mobile access. And the Intel system can even send you emails about the status of your machine, from filament running out to 3D printing being complete.

Also eye-catching is the option for emergency protection. In case the power is unexpectedly cut off, the printer will seamlessly switch to a built-in battery and save the ongoing process before it  shuts itself down. When the power is switched back on, the printer will ask if it can resume 3D printing.

mostfun Pro can print 6cm bridges

mostfun ProThese bells and whistles aside, the mostfun Pro also features a range of decent manufacturing features. It has an auto-leveling bed and offers a minimum layer thickness of 0.1 mm from the custom BAU extruder.

This extruder is also capable of building bridges of a distance of six centimeters (which should save a great deal in support material and failed prints), and is compatible with a wide range of filament options, including PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS, and wax. You can 3D print your own candles!

Prices for the mostfun Pro will start at $799 on the Kickstarter page, and the company plan to deliver the first models to earlybird backers before the end of 2015. It all sounds very exciting, and definitely a 3D printer to watch.