Featured image of Exciting New Delta, Mini V2 & Select Plus 3D Printers from Monoprice
Triple Threat

Exciting New Delta, Mini V2 & Select Plus 3D Printers from Monoprice

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by Bulent Yusuf
Mar 28, 2017

Monoprice shares more details on three new 3D printers in their range; the MP Select Mini V2, the MP Mini Delta, and the Maker Select Plus.

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You know that old saying about buses? You wait positively aaaaaaages for one to arrive, and then three come along at once? It seems like consumer technology company Monoprice is adopting the same strategy.

Posted to their YouTube channel without much in the way of fanfare or drumrolls, the company offers a tantalizing glimpse of three new 3D printers in their range. Expected to launch in April, we see the MP Select Mini V2 and the MP Mini Delta, and the currently available Maker Select Plus. Intriguingly, the Maker Select Plus had its first announcement last August; it looks like it’s getting a soft reboot.

Taken together, the trio covers a broad spectrum of 3D printing capabilities. The MP Select Mini V2 and the Maker Select Plus are rebadged 3D printer models sourced from China, and are incremental updates to established machines with solid reputations for ease of use and reliability. The MP Mini Delta, by contrast, is an entirely new offering that has many enthusiasts (ourselves included) drooling with anticipation.

But perhaps most astonishing is that the most expensive of the bunch — the Maker Select Plus — tops out at $399. The MP Select Mini V2 holds the line at $199, and the MP Mini Delta will be the cheapest at $149. This is throwing down a big gauntlet to any other low-cost manufacturer competing in the same space.

See the an overview of the sleek new machines from Monoprice in the video below:

Features of the New Monoprice 3D Printers

Precise details about all the new machines are not fully available yet, but here’s what we do know. The MP Mini Delta is a fully assembled fused filament fabrication printer with an adjustable temperature hot end. It also has a full-color LCD screen, a heated print, and is wifi enabled to boot.

Elsewhere, the new MP Select Mini V2 is an upgraded version of its best-selling 3D printer, the MP Select Mini. In addition to the new paint job, Monoprice is promising a series of upgrades like a sturdier frame, improved cooling, and an all-metal hotend. We’re big fans of the original MP Select Mini, so we’re curious to see the strides they make with these new improvements.

Finally, we have the Maker Select Plus, which has actually been available since October last year. It seems to be getting a renewed marketing push to coincide with the launch of the other two. The Plus features a touchscreen interface, one piece design, a preinstalled print mat and guided calibration. If you squint, you’ll recognize that this is a rebadged Wanhao Duplicator I3 Plus (which in turn is a clone of the open source Original Prusa i3).

With these new 3D printers looming large in 2017, Monoprice also appears to be phasing out the Maker Select V2 and the Maker Select Ultimate 3D printers. In the case of the former, it’s giving way to newer technology and components. And as for the Ultimate? Who knows. The company has clearly decided that 3D printers costing less than $399 is the sweet spot to grow the market.

In any case, ALL3DP will bring you more updates on these exciting 3D printers as soon as we have them. Watch this space.


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