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Modular Nex Band Wearable Does Anything You Want

Nex Band

Nex Band is a programmable wristband with five 3D printed buttons you can hack. If you can dream it, Nex can probably do it.

Current wearables all serve highly specialized purposes. Fitness trackers know how many steps you’ve taken. Nest’s sensors can adjust your air condition. GarageIO can open your garage door. But what else can these services do for us? And do you always have to search your phone to activate the services?

Infinite Modding for Makers and Designers

Let me in, Nex band!!
Let me in, Nex band!! (Image: Nex Band)

Enter the Nex, a smart wristband. It comes with five modules in 3D printed shells that operate independently. It can be programmed to do darn near whatever you want them to do. By using the companion app, users can link any two things in a “when X happens, do Y” format.

If you are using the popular “If” (formerly IFTTT) service, you will be glad to hear Nex already partnered with the service.

It is available for preorder both on its website and on Indiegogo. The iOS version will be available on the launch in Summer 2016, Android coming later this year. Early bird price is $99, the band will cost $149 later.

What Can the Nex Band do?

The Nex Band steps up its game by letting you print your own pieces (Image: Nex Band)
The Nex Band steps up its game by letting you print your own pieces (Image: Nex Band)

The cool part about the Nex is that it recognizes that users have a million different ideas for how to make their life smarter. They should be allowed to determine what their wearable can do. When you tap here, the Nex turns on the coffee maker. Makes a fake call and gets you out of a awkward situation. Replaces the selfie stick, controls you music. Lights up when your favorite sports team scores. The possibilities are huge.

Plus, because the band can be programmable and modules interchanged and updated, new technology can be easily integrated. For makers, especially, this style of wearable could be priceless. It could expedite processes in the lab, keep track of variables, and, of course, make projects more fun and controllable. They’ve already developed a game specifically for the Nex, too.


Mighty Cast, the company behind the Nex Band, even intend to release their CAD specs. This means users can design and 3D print their own mod shells to their heart’s content, making Nex fully customizable inside and out.

The Internet of Things and 3D printing are not new to each other, and their future will continue to be regularly intermixed. But this is definitely one of the cooler wearables around. No more waiting for FitBit or Apple to tell you what you can do. Even those who never thought they would want a wearable might find themselves salivating at the Nex’s infinite possibilities.