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3D Printed Mobius Nautilus

As art pieces go, this is pretty cool. Designer, director and animator Joaquin Baldwin (joabaldwin) has designed a compound Mobius strip composed of 36 interlocking Mobius strips.  Mobius strips – a surface with only one side and only one boundary component – are just cool in themselves and what could be more entertaining than an object that references itself (like a chair made up of hundreds of little chairs or a bookshelf made out of books)?

And while the math of this object is impressive in itself, take a closer look at these pictures and you’ll likely come to the same conclusion I did:  Watching this object being printed could turn out to be the highlight of your day.  Interlocking pieces have never been the easiest features to produce (although 3D printing does make it less complex) and this object is nothing but one interlock and overlap after another.  There’s got to be some serious design wizardry going on to get this sculpture to print correctly…and I think I would pay to watch it happen.

So for a healthy dose of mathematical awesomeness mixed heartily with a full measure of artistic wonderfulness, you can buy this over at Sculpteo for €65.78 in plastics.  See more of the Mobius Nautilus, purchase a copy for yourself, and be sure to check out joabaldwin’s other creations.

See you on the flip side!  See, that’s a Mobius joke because…

Oh, and speaking of art with a twist: Joaquin Baldwin also designed this lovely coffee cup, which became All3DP “Thing of the week” in February 2015.

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