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3D Printed Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug

3d printed mug
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Ah, legal addictive stimulants…what could be better? Over at, maker jobaldwin (a.k.a. Joaquin Baldwin) found a way to serve up a little levity with your daily cup a joe. World, meet the 3D printed caffeine molecule coffee mug. That’s right, at long last, now you can actually see the chemical you’re ingesting. Built right into the side of this shiny ceramic mug is the structural formula of the miracle substance that gets us up and through our day. You have my permission to be excited. Personally, I’m waiting for a coffee mug made of coffee. Because, as jobaldwin says, “you can never have too much C8H10N4O2.”

Get your 10 cm x 9.1 cm x 11 cm caffeine molecule coffee mug – or your 6.3 cm x 6.0 cm x 6.4 cm caffeine molecule espresso cup – at