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Michael Sorkin is New Lead for Formlabs’ European Ops


Formlabs is already making waves. Now, they’re bringing in iGo3D’s Michael Sorkin to take Formlabs EU to the next level.

formlabsFirst founded in 2012, the U.S. company Formlabs has been making powerful 3D printers, winning awards, and taking names. To manage their growing European sector, they’ve appointed Michael Sorkin as their EU lead.

“Europe is an extremely important territory for us, and we’re excited to have Michael Sorkin join our team,” says Maxim Lobovsky, Co-Founder of Formlabs.
“Michael built iGo3D, one of the most important distribution channels for desktop 3D printing in Europe, he will use this experience do the same leading our efforts in Europe where we have experienced substantial growth in the past year.”

Formlabs is already famous for their high-performance materials, software, and – of course – the Form 1+ printer. The Form 1+ creates high-definition objects using stereolithography. It is regularly voted near the top of the most popular 3D printers on 3D Hubs.

Sorkin will no doubt make a strong addition to their team and presence. He’s already proven his moxie as the co-founder of iGo3D, which is now a leading distribution company within Europe.

In his time there, Sorkin helped grow the company to an international team of 50, expanding outside of Germany to the Netherlands, Poland and Russia. He also currently sits on the advisory board of the highly important, global 3D Printing Association.

With iGo3D in “good hands,” Sorkin says he is both honored to be part of Formlabs, and “excited for the challenges that lie in our future.” It seems Sorkin’s real love isn’t just 3D printing but entrepreneurship:

“Today, I look forward to help Formlabs expand their European presence and provide excellent customer experience in Europe. It is a privilege to be part of an ambitious organization that is building some of the best products in the market.”

Following the Form 1 and Form 1+ printers, Formlabs have gained critical momentum and numerous awards, and are continuing to grow. As they globalize, they’re going to need a strong and driven lead to represent them abroad. Combining Formlab’s already substantial growth with Sorkin’s track record, the company may be getting the push it needs to reach the very top of their game.