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Matthew McConaughey Plays Hilarious 3D Printed Man on SNL

3D Printed Man

SNL shows us exactly what a 3D printed man would look like. (Hint: Matthew McConaughey)

3D printers are being used to create legs, ears, and everything in between. Saturday Night Live, however, would like to raise the bar: what if we could 3D print humans?

The scene takes place at a tech conference (called Bio Crunch 2015, of course). Cindy Strong plays a representative of Bio-Print, a company that presumably prints bio-gear.

Strong explains that they have printed the very first human. The curtains open and we are faced with Beck Bennett, Taran Killam, and McConaughey in the same awkward blue sweater and khakis.

This is when it gets real. As 3D printing is known for an attention to detail, it’s not too surprising that all of the three options look alike. Strong then poses the question:

“Can we 3D print human personality and emotion? Well, you tell us…”

It’s already amply clear that McConaughey is, of course, the 3D printed man. He need speak only one nonsensical sentence and the cover is blown. The audience is told to ask the panel of humans any question — and this where it gets great.

What does the 3D Printed man do for fun?

According to him, he does aaaaaaall of the sports. Best of all, McConaughey offers up some great quotable material.

For some reason, we can’t be surprised that 3D printed man’s favorite food is “every single one of the bananas.” Nor are we surprised he can’t dance — although McConaughey does seem to invent an entirely new genre of dance in this skit.

What’s great about this skit is that it happened… and audiences got it. Although, hoenstly, if someone could create this 3D printed man and the necessary AI, that would be reason enough to celebrate.

“Now, if you all wanna come up here and meet Bruce, you have about three minutes before he catches fire.”

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