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In Pursuit of Futility, Man Sent Himself 3D Printed Postcard

3D printed postcard

Practical joker designs a 3D printed postcard, had it made by a 3D printing service, then stamped and delivered to his home address.

Deep in the realm of tumblr, there is a blog. This blog is called “This Blog Delivers“. The sole purpose of this blog is to tax and stymie the Irish postal delivery services with crazy complicated packages.

Scrolling through the archives, the anonymous author has sent postcards in various shapes and sizes — written on sandpaper in the shape of Australia; in the form of an embroidered scarf; posted a laser-etched slate; even as a globe of the world.

He’s also concealed addresses in sliding tile puzzles, or made the print so small it could only be read with an accompanying magnifying glass.

But the one that really tickles us is the 3D printed postcard. Of course it does. This is a website dedicated to 3D printing, after all.

3d printed postcard

How to make a 3D printed postcard

This particular joke was staged in June. In the blogger’s own words, the process was pretty straightforward.

I was worried that technological advances might hinder the pursuit of futility. I learned how to make a simple 3D print model. Then I asked 3D printing point in Galway to print it out for me. They seem to get on really well with their postman and they sent me the photos of him collecting it for them.

Note that he references using free 3D modeling software Tinkercad to design his postcard. This software is perfect for absolute beginners, as are other free resources like Sketchup and 3D Slash.

Also, the lack of a 3D printer didn’t impede his mission. He sent the model to a local 3D printing service. If you fancy doing the same, you can always refer to our dedicated 3D printing price comparison service to find the one that’s right for you.

Truly, this chap is the bane of postmen everywhere. But he’s also something of a genius. Unknown prankster from Ireland, ALL3DP salutes you!