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Life after MakerBot: Bre Pettis Offers Luxury Gifts With Bre & Co.

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by Bulent Yusuf
Oct 26, 2016

Bre Pettis is back, and this time it’s personal. Personalized luxury gifts, that is. Bre & Co. is an intriguing new venture from the MakerBot cofounder.

Imagine for a moment that you had cofounded a successful but controversial 3D printing company. And then you leave. What do you do next?

In the case of Bre Pettis, you spin off into an independent product development workshop called Bold Machines. But’s say that’s not enough. What else?

Pettis has announced the launch of Bre & Co., a new company that offers a range of hand crafted “heirloom-quality” gifts that carry a positive message to the recipient.

According to Pettis, the idea for the company began as a personal project encouraged by his father.

“I wanted to make some friends gifts that would be like a gold-medal for friendship. In working on this project, I was filled with gratitude for my friends who stuck by me and have been awesome listeners, collaborators, and just generally excellent human beings. … On a walk in the woods with my dad, he suggested that it would be a service to the world to make these gifts available for others to give to the people they care for. Recognizing merit in the world is a powerful act.”

It is indeed. It’s hard to fault a business that encourages the distribution of positive vibes.

Bre & Co.
Bre & Co.
bre & co.

Bre & Co. Gifts with Beautiful Handwritten Notes

The company is initially offering seven gifts, mostly inspired by an Origami paper-folding style. There’s an Origami Teapot, an Origami Pen, a letter opening Shard, a Healing Amulet, an Origami Sake Set, a Fora Pendant, and an Origami Watch.

The designs are pretty striking, and the production process behind each involves a mixture of traditional and cutting edge technologies.

For the Origami Teapot, the initial model was designed in CAD and then 3D printed by in-house designers. It was then traditionally slip cast and finished by hand by a ceramic artist. It’s made from black porcelain and has a food-safe and lead-free clear glaze on the interior, leaving the exterior raw black porcelain.

Elsewhere, the Fora Pendant is a photopolymer dew drop with geometric shapes suspended inside, inspired by Italian glass-blowing techniques and fabricated with multi-material 3D printing and post-processing craftwork.

There’s also the Origami Sake Set, which involved 3D printing the ceramic pieces with a Lutum machine, giving each item a crisp horizontal line for a unique texture and surface. The hexagonal design allows the three cups and bottle to fit together like cells in a honeycomb.

Our favorite item of the bunch is perhaps the Origami Watch, with a gold coin embedded in the case back. Perfect for emergency currency in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

With all this emphasis on quality and detail, the company says that it’s not designed to scale up and offer mass produced goods. And gifts from Bre & Co. are not cheap. The watch, for example, tops out at $5,800 bucks.

But they do come with a story which the recipients will appreciate, and it’s pointless putting a currency value on items of personal significance. Good luck in your new venture, Bre!

Bre & co.
bre & co.
bre & co.

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