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Maker Wallet on Kickstarter: RFID Shielded Multitool (and Wallet)

Maker Wallet

Fashion or Function? Why not both? Currently on Kickstarter, the Maker Wallet is a tiny tool kit and wallet with an RFID shield.

There’s a famous saying: “Build a better mouse-trap, and the world will beat a path to your door”. But could that happen if you build a better wallet?

The team behind the Maker Wallet hope to find out. Currently seeking backing on Kickstarter, this is an RFID shielded slim wallet and multi-tool, perfect for designers and 3D printing enthusiasts. In other words, a Swiss Army Knife of geekworthy accessories.

Manufactured from sturdy stainless steel with a heat-resistant coating, each Maker Wallet contains regular tools like a bit driver, screwdriver,  ruler, and bottle opener. And of interest to makers are 3D printer-specific tools like a printbed scraper, radius gauge, and a filament gauge. Finally, the whole package is held together with a colorful rubber band, its design inspired by 3D printing infil.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Reuben and Kim Hinton have been working on the Maker Wallet since 2013. They describe themselves as “seasoned designers with experience ranging from designing and fabricating CNC machines to furniture.” The campaign isn’t fully backed yet, but with over two weeks to go there’s plenty of time to make it happen.

maker wallet

Prevent Identity Theft with an RFID Shielded Maker Wallet

Perhaps the most essential component of the wallet is the RFID shield. Why is this important?

An increasing number of things are embedded with radio frequency identification technology, for example your credit cards, your ID badge, and your commuter travel card. Whilst RFID is designed to make our lives easier, there’s also the danger of sensitive data theft from RFID skimming. Thieves can easily obtain RFID readers, and without making physical contact can scan and steal the RFID information stored in your wallet.

Taking these risks into consideration, it actually makes sense to take precautions against RFID skimming where possible. So how does the Maker Wallet work?

Because one side of the wallet’s exterior is steel-plated, radio signals can’t penetrate its casing when that side is facing outwards. However, the other side of the wallet does allow frequencies to pass, so you’re still able to use your bank or travel card without taking it out of the wallet — just make sure you’re holding it the right way round!

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