Bigger and Better?

M3D Pro is a Major Upgrade from Original M3D Micro

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With a bigger build volume, heated print bed, and a new processor system, the M3D Pro is an exciting update to the original M3D Micro.

The M3D Micro 3D Printer was a Kickstarter whirlwind back in 2014. With over $3 million in funding, it had a rosy future as a practical, plug-n-play 3D printer for complete beginners on a budget.

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Unfortunately, while it was certainly a functional printer for the $349 price-tag, reviews pointed out that “the Micro’s sluggish speeds, spotty reliability, and tiny print volume are going to leave you wishing you’d purchased something more advanced.”

This week, M3D has announced exactly that — something more advanced. Unveiled at CEWeek 2016 in NYC, the M3D Pro was crafted specifically in response to customer feedback. According to M3D co-founder and CEO Michael Armani:

“We’ve designed the Pro to have all of the capabilities of a commercial printer at a cost consumers want. It’s the natural next step for the industry, transcending the limitations of casual use and allowing users to create more practical, everyday objects.”

The M3D Pro is available for pre-order in August 2016 at the early-bird special price of $500. But what do you get for your money?

M3D Pro is Basically an M3D Not-Micro

At first glance, the obvious change is that the new printer is much bigger. Yay!

Inside, it features the “world’s first dual-ARM processor system”, combining data input from over two dozen sensors to achieve a higher level of reliability.

There’s also a heated bed as standard, to combat the troublesome warping that affected the M3D Micro, and a more generous build volume of 200 x 180 x 180 mm.

In addition, the M3D Pro has a printing speed of 60 mm/s. That should be enough to eliminate any quips about being slower than molasses.

The topline stats are:

  • Heated Print Bed
  • Large Build Volume: Up to 7.8” tall or 7.2” x 7.2” wide
  • Embedded Recovery in case of print failure
  • Stand Alone Mode allowing printing without being tethered to a computer
  • Advanced Sensor Network
  • Accuracy: 25-350 micron layer heights, 0.40 mm nozzle extrusion
  • Print speed: Typically prints filament at 60mm/s, and travels at speeds up to 120 mm/s
  • Supports Third Party Filaments

For users looking to print something big but still wanting an affordable, unobtrusive printer, the M3D Pro is an enticing option. The ability to use third party filaments is particularly welcome. But don’t believe that guff about the M3D Pro bridging the gap between consumer and commercial users.

In reality, the company is trying to hit the 3D printer sweet-spot they missed the first time around. Until we see or hear evidence to the contrary, we suspect the M3D Pro is still very much a consumer desktop 3D printer.

(Source: Press Release)

The M3D Pro 3D Printer: Looking good... (Image: M3D)
The M3D Pro 3D Printer: Looking good… (Image: M3D)