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Liberator Vase: Artist Turns 3D Printed Gun into Flower Pot

Liberator Vase

Artist Addie Wagenknecht transforms the 3D printed Liberator Gun into the Liberator Vase at her new exhibition, and it’s a big improvement.

Where some people see a weapon of self-defense (and death and destruction), other folks choose to see a flower pot.

At least, that’s the refreshing perspective put forward by American artist Addie Wagenknecht at her new solo exhbition in the MU Artspace in Einhoven.

Entitled “Liminal Laws”, a striking centerpiece of the show is the Liberator Vase, a trio of 3D printed models that dramatically reconstruct the STL files of the controversial Liberator Gun into a form that’s distinctly more pretty and — ultimately — more beautiful.

3D Printing Gun Controversy Subverted with Liberator Vase

This isn’t the first time that Wagenknecht has tackled the thorny subject of the Liberator Gun.

In a show in Portland, Oregon last August, she 3D printed thirteen copies of the gun and assembled them into a hanging light fixture called Liberator Rounds. The result was both frightening and surreal at the same time.

But Wagenknecht had yet more ambitious plans for the Liberator. Working with artists Martin Zangerl and Stefan Hechenberger, she’s created a visually complex object that mutates the recognizable features of the firearm into something completely different.

So what do you think of the Liberator Vase? Would you like to see one in your living room, with a sunflower poking out of the top? We have to admit, we’re quite tempted.

Liminal Laws is running at the MU Einhoven until 19 June 2016.