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19 Kickstarter 3D Printer Projects Live Right Now

Kickstarter 3D Printer

Our weekly roundup of the latest 3D printer projects live on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Which Kickstarter 3D printer is worthy of your support?

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Here at ALL3DP, we’re confident that crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo will continue to be a great source of 3D printing hardware, software, and products for the foreseeable future.

With that in mind, we’re publishing weekly updates on the latest 3D printer projects on Kickstarter and elsewhere. This is a summary of the many campaigns and projects that launch every week. And if you see any that you think are worth talking about, let us know in the comments, and we’ll consider it for inclusion.

Important to note: Before you back any Kickstarter 3D printer project, take a gander at 8 Clues a 3D Printing Kickstarter Campaign is the Real Deal. The standard advice is to minimize risk by learning as much as you can about the project and making an informed choice.

And of course, only part from an amount of cash that you can afford to lose. Caveat Emptor!

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #1: Dobot M1 (New/Funded)


Pitch: “Professional SCARA based robotic arm with interchangeable heads and computer vision. 3D print, laser engrave, solder, pick & place…”

Rewards: With the early bird options having been snatched up, you will need to pledge $1,599 or more for a standard unit which includes a Dobot M1 and two basic tool heads of your choice. The early bird extension requires you to pledge $1,799 or more and you can receive a Dobot M1, two basic tool heads and an extension kit of your choice too. The more money you pledge, the more tool heads and functions you can receive. For example, pledge $3,449 or more to receive the productivity unit which includes the Dobot M1, all basic tool heads, all extension kits and a 3D mouse. The estimated delivery of the Dobot M1 is May 2017.

Backers: 150

Pledges: $204,869 pledged of $100,000

Days to go: 38

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? Yes

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The Dobot M1 is not the first robot shipped by the Dobot company, but it is the first aimed at light manufacturing. The machine can be programmed to complete tasks including printing, soldering, cutting and placing.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #2: ShopArm (New)


Pitch: “A 3D printed, Arduino-based robot arm that can easily be trained to do the repetitive jobs in your life.”

Rewards: If you pledge $95 or more, you will receive the LittleArm Mini 3D Printed Robot Arm. This is a trainable Arduino robot arm kit. It is both a toy and build project. For $450 or more, you can receive the ShopArm Mechanical Kit. All the mechanical components and motors to put together your own ShopArm in a couple of hours. Does not include any of the control electronics or grippers. It also requires you to assemble it yourself. If you pledge $750 or more, you can receive the ShopArm Pro Assembled.

Backers: 4

Pledges: $1,915 pledged of $3,000 goal

Days to go: 27

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The ShopArm can’t 3D print for you, but it is made with 3D printed parts. It promises to do the repetitive boring tasks. The company behind the ShopArm work on robots everyday. They claim that in early 2016, a large industrial robot inspired them to create a robotic arm which was 10x cheaper and 100x easier to use. The ShopArm is “a robot for basically anyone, who would like a little physical automation in their life.”

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #3: Super Noose (New)


Pitch: “I am looking to create and manufacture a clip on multi-purpose holder that you can hold almost anything with.”

Rewards: Pledge $15 or more and you will get one super noose in white. For $30, you will receive two and for $75, you will receive five in any color of your choosing.

Backers: 3

Pledges: $99 pledged of $50,000 goal

Days to go: 13

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This is a small, personal project which carries low risk. The money from this project will be used to upgrade equipment, pay for material, purchase packaging equipment, make deals with suppliers and set up and market the website for the product. $50.000 might be a bit steep for a Kickstarter goal.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #4: 3D EOD Bomb Suite Figure Files (New)


Pitch: “The highly sought after 3D files for the Bomb Suite figures for 3D Printing are now available.”

Rewards: The early bird option for these 3D models has already gone. But, for $85 or more, you can receive the Bomb Suite Figure 3D files. This includes 6 different heads, a 155mm Projectile and a TC6 Landmine. If you pledge $130 or more, you will receive the Bomb Suite Figure 3D digital files with 6 different heads, a 155mm Projectile and a TC6 Landmine, but also all the digital files for the EOD Badges, Robots, and IED setup from the previous project.

Backers: 7

Pledges: $720 pledged of $1,000 goal

Days to go: 11

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: All of the files are ready to go, making this a very low-risk project. This Kickstarter project was started due to a lot of requests for the files.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #5: Museo Virtual Nacional (New)


Pitch: “A Virtual Museum where 3D virtual replicas of objects of cultural and natural heritage of Mexico will be exhibited.”

Rewards: If you pledge MX $ 50 or more, you can become a Collaborator. This means you will be listed on the museum website. You can also download files from the website. For $200, you will receive special mention on the website. If you pledge $500, you will receive a card of thanks and for $1,000 you will be sent a 3D print replica scale Paleo-friend.

Backers: 8

Pledges: MX $ 3.100 pledged of MX $ 80.000 goal

Days to go: 28

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The money from this Kickstarter project will be used to buy betting scanning equipment to generate models. The quality will also be greatly improved. However, if you are interested, you may also like the Scan the World project from MyMiniFactory.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #6: QuadBot – Make Your Own Robot (Funded)


Pitch: “Become a Robot Maker. Learn Coding, 3D Printing, Design, Electronics and Maths.”

Rewards: The early bird Maker kit will set you back £123. It allows you to 3D print the files on your own (20 hours print time) and then add the delivered electronics. For £199, you’ll get the full kit with pre-fabricated pieces. For £219, you receive a full robot kit plus a Bluetooth serial module for remote control access and wireless connectivity.

Backers: 222

Pledges: £22,269 pledged of £12,500 goal

Days to go: 35

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? Yes

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: It looks like the 3D printable, programmable, Arduino-based QuadBot gets a lot of people excited: The campaign was funded in just a few days. The team promises it’s “super engaging and fun to program.” We like the design, the flexibility of the robot and its open source approach. On the business side, the team has taken into consideration the cost overruns and late delivery possibility, but otherwise are confident in their product and funding is almost complete already. Shipping should start – according to the team – in April 2017.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #7: SafFire


Pitch: “Modular top-down laser tool for SLA 3D printing and wood engraving. Unparalleled 3D print quality; includes optional resin wiper blade.”

Rewards: If you want to check out the quality of the prints, you can pledge either $45 or $75 and receive a small or large model made from an STL file of your choice. For the early bird slot, you can pledge $1,095 or more and receive one SafFire Laser Engraving System, calibrated and tested. Pledge $1,390 or more for the early bird slot of one SafFire Laser Engraving System plus the small 3D Printing Accessory, calibrated and tested. The early bird large option will cost you $3,285 – and this will give you the large SLA 3D printing option also.

Backers: 18

Pledges: $19,257 pledged of $40,000 goal

Days to go: 10

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The SafFire Laser Engraving System has been made for professionals who need high-quality prints. It can create usable prototypes with fine text and tiny features. The team also promise that the machine also requires no maintenance.

IndieGoGo 3D Printer Project #8: The Best 3D Printer for Creative Kids (Funded)


Pitch: “A fully-featured 3D printer that’s safe and simple enough for kids to unleash their creativity.”

Rewards: You can receive one of the first 50 units for $269 with shipping on Cyber Monday only. This includes one Yeehaw 3D Printer and 3 spools of filament. The Early Bird option will get you a printer and one spool of filament for $249. You can buy filament and pledge $20 or more depending on how much you need. For $299, you get the regular Early Bird special.

Backers: 208

Pledges: $63,649 pledged of $25,000

Days to go: 18

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Children can design their own toys‭, ‬pixel-by-pixel with Yeehaw app or use the library which is full of many different printing options. The entire printer has been designed specifically with children in mind. But, to save yourself some money you may want to check out other budget printers and simply assist your child when they use them.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #9: SENTINEL (Funded)


Pitch: “Never miss a 3D print again because of an empty spool or dust on the filament. SENTINEL is your ultimate filament watchdog.”

Rewards: The super early bird option is no longer available, but for $39 you can receive a filament Sentinel which is $6 off expected retail price and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Spend $49 and you can receive your name engraved on your Sentinel and for $99 (it could even be gold plated, if you’re into that). If you pledge CA$ 342 or more, you can receive a SENTINEL + Full Kit. This pledge includes a Sentinel plus a DyzEND-X hotend (12V or 24V, your choice of nozzle and a 300°C or 500°C sensor) and a brand new DyzeXtruder GT.

Backers: 160

Pledges: CA$ 9,887 pledged of CA$ 5,000 goal

Days to go: 20

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Sentinel promises to clean your filament, no matter what type, helps pause you print and can be used for multiple filaments. Sentinel has been designed to look slick and install quickly and easily. However, it can’t be used for closed hardware/firmware printers – so make sure to check your printer before pledging. The company are confident in their project and have already released previous 3D printing parts.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #10: Multex4Move


Pitch: “Dual and Quad 3D-Extruder for 4 materials/colors/nozzle sizes with a patented, drip free and self-cleaning automatic hotend.”

Rewards: If you pledge €32 or more, you can receive a heat-resistant Multec PLA-HT filament. The early bird option for the extruder will cost you €549 or more. You will receive a Multex2Move – Dual printing head without filament feeding Bowden extruder which comes complete hotend-device with 2 hot ends and mechanism. Expected delivery is March 2017.

Backers: 17

Pledges: €15,141 pledged of €50,000 goal

Days to go: 17

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The company has a large team and successfully tested their products under continuous printing conditions. They claim they are now ready for production and are aware of the risks and challenges, outlining them clearly. There is a lot of interest in their product already, it seems the Multex4Move could be a good pledge.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #11: L2S 3D Printer


Pitch: “The L2S is designed to last with all aluminum and stainless steel components. Tons of features and a patent pending vat system.”

Rewards: It’s a photo lithography based DLP based 3D printer. Pledge €1,898 or more and you can receive the Early Bird L2S Kit without projector. The fully-assembled early bird option will cost you €2,199. For €2,399 you can receive the early bird option of the full kit. Estimated deliveries are expected to be between April and March.

Backers: 7

Pledges: €2,581 pledged of €65,000 goal

Days to go: 19

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This is definitely aimed at professionals and small businesses. This company promise they know what they’re doing and they have patents pending for the new machine. It has been tested and now the team is working with a local manufacturer to ensure the parts are high quality and correct.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #12: 8 Cubic Feet All-in-One Go Big 3D Printer


Pitch: “Creating a large print volume, highly accurate and reliable 3D printer that can also be used as a laser etcher and light mill.”

Rewards: If you pledge $5,500 or more and are able to pick up your printer locally, you can receive a Go Big 3D Printer by April 2017. For those not local, you can expect to pay $6,000 or more, however, the printer is only shipped to the US. For a pledge of $6,500 or more, you can receive a printer with a Laser Etcher Option. This 3D Printer with 5.5 watt blue laser option, includes 2 pairs of eye protection goggles. Creator Ken Snyder also offers t-shirts and vase prints to those wanting to support the campaign that aren’t based in the US.

Backers: 4

Pledges: $62.00 pledged of $60,000 goal

Days to go: 18

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This printer has been developed over two years. The founder Snyder was pursuing the design goals of creating a large, accurate and reliable printer at a reasonable price. The design has now been turned into an All-in-one CNC machine. You can mount laser or various milling options which you can print yourself.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #13: Illuminate DLP 3D Printer (Funded)


Pitch: “Get your 1st DLP in only 2 months! Delivery at end of December 2016. High Precision DLP 3D Printer – Metal Body – Low Price.”

Rewards: If you want an Illuminate DLP 3D printer by December 2016, snap up the super early bird option. For around US$ 776, you can receive a D2K 3D Printer set and 1 liter of D2K resin in white. The Early Bird option will be shipped by March 2017 and the first batch should also be ready by this time too.

Backers: 52

Pledges: HK$ 300,258 pledged of HK$ 58,000 goal

Days to go: 5

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This campaign is an impressive one, having already smashed its funding goal in just a few days. The specifications look great: The printer has a 2K resolution LCD screen as a projector. This promises accurate parts and a high resolution. Resin cures at up to 35 micron a second. The low price of the printer and resin is also a major benefit.

The company is based in Hongkong, but there’s not much information on the team on their Kickstarter page. They also offer earliest delivery in December 2016, which is quite a task to achieve for any Kickstarter 3D printer project.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #14: FRIDIS (Funded)


Pitch: “A unique collection of Art Toys inspired by the great masters of the history of art. Painted by hand by Mexican artisans.”

RewardsPledge MX$ 400 or more and you can have one of the two T-shirts available. This costs around $20 USD. The early bird option allows you to have a Fridis for the cost of $29 USD. If you miss the early bird options, you can purchase a Fridis for around $32 USD. The more you spend, the more artwork you can own. For around $123 USD, you can even choose your own artwork to be painted.

Backers: 127

Pledges: MX$ 291,405 pledged of MX$ 240,000 goal

Days to go: 25

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The company are based in Chiapas, Mexico and are helping struggling artisans by fusing modern technology and ancient painting techniques. A 3D printed Frida Kahlo is used as a base for a range of portraits. The prints can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #15: Sculptics 


Pitch: “A sequence of your own DNA strand will be set directly into your sculpture and cast in solid metal forever!”

RewardsSculptics keep it nice and simple, if you want to purchase your own DNA, you need to pledge CA$ 399 or more and you will receive your own custom sculpture.

Backers: 10

Pledges: CA$ 3,213 pledged of CA$ 6,000 goal

Days to go: 11

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The team point out the potential hurdles, but amazingly promise that if you do not receive your sculpture, you will get your money back. This is a low-risk project which is worth investing in if you’ve always wanted to display your DNA.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #16: Filament Spool Holder & Storage Case (Funded)


Pitch: “3D printer filament spool holder & storage case system for 3D printing with 360 degrees of freedom!”

RewardsThe early bird option has already sold out, but for $70 or more, you can receive the storage case and filament holder as seen in the video. The more money you spend, the more storage cases you can receive.

Backers: 18

Pledges: $1,568 pledged of $1,000 goal

Days to go: 40

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The company claim there are no risks or challenges as the prototypes are up and running successfully. Hopefully, this is true as the project is already funded and delivery is estimated to be in January. 

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #17: Lightest. The levitating light 


Pitch: “Lightest, a levitating lamp without cables.”

Rewards: Pledge €120 or more and you can receive the Lightest Maker kit which includes the base and levitating magnet (which can be used to make any small object float). You can receive the earliest bird offer for €140. This includes the complete base and light. If you miss out on this offer, you could have to pay more to receive the same reward. For €279, you can receive double the lights.

Backers: 47

Pledges: €6,774 pledged of €60,000 goal

Days to go: 6

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This project certainly has the awesome factor. You can 3D print lampshades or your choice or levitate anything you wish to display thanks to the base magnets. However, the team are bringing the project to Kickstarter to bring down the price of manufacturing. They don’t mention any other risks or challenges. Can they cope if they receive a large amount of interest which appears likely to happen?

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #18: SPINPAL  


Pitch: “Customizable 3D printed ABS plastic spinner fidget toy. A fun and easy way to increase focus and concentration while decreasing stress.”

Rewards: The early bird option will cost you $15 or more and you can receive a  SpinPal at this limited price. Spend $35 or more for a double and $250 for a twenty pack.

Backers: 196

Pledges: $4,640 pledged of $5,000 goal

Days to go: 13

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This simple project and game comes with some minor risks and challenges. If you want to play Spinpal, make a pledge but if you are feeling brave, you could always have a go at 3D printing and building your own.

IndieGoGo 3D Printer Project #19: PocketMaker 3D Printeruntitled

Pitch: “Pocketmaker is a pocket 3D printer that can be afforded with pocket money.”

Rewards: For $79 you can receive the Early Bird option. It includes one Pocket maker and Pocket Nozzle as well as a spool of white PLA filament. The more money you spend, the more filament you will receive.

Backers: 458

Pledges: $58,039 pledged of $70,000 goal

Days to go: 30

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: $79 for a 3D printer? That’s an even lower price than Kickstarter darling Tiko 3D offered. The Pocketmaker looks cute, but as you can image, it‘s very basic. Interesting features are the replaceable nozzle, Wifi access, and the removable (unheated) print bed. The team wants to ship in February 2017 for a retail price of $149. If they pull it off in time, it would be quite a feat.

Check out All3DP’s list of cheap printers to make an informed decision. Also, we have additional information on this interesting little printer.