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16 Kickstarter 3D Printer Projects Live Right Now

Kickstarter 3D Printer

Our weekly roundup of the latest 3D printer projects live on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Which Kickstarter 3D printer is worthy of your support?

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Here at ALL3DP, we’re confident that crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo will continue to be a great source of 3D printing hardware, software, and products for the foreseeable future.

With that in mind, we’re publishing weekly updates on the latest 3D printer projects on Kickstarter and elsewhere. This is a summary of the many campaigns and projects that launch every week. And if you see any that you think are worth talking about, let us know in the comments, and we’ll consider it for inclusion.

Important to note: Before you back any Kickstarter 3D printer project, take a gander at 8 Clues a 3D Printing Kickstarter Campaign is the Real Deal. The standard advice is to minimize risk by learning as much as you can about the project and making an informed choice.

And of course, only part with an amount of cash that you can afford to lose. Caveat Emptor!

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #1: Root, Tree and Mote for Robox (New/Funded)

kickstarter 3d printer

Pitch: “Share, control & monitor multiple Robox via a network while maximising space. Teamed with a dedicated, low cost, touchscreen interface.”

Rewards: Pledge £20 or more, you can receive a SmartReel techABS (RRP £26.90). Another option is to pledge £35 or more to receive Root-software, 8Gb microSD (RRP £39.90). You can install this software onto removable storage to run a Raspberry Pi or on most Linux based systems. You’ll need to pledge £129 or more to receive the first to ship Mote and Root which includes everything you need. Pledge £175 or more to receive the Tree – Birch 3 Shelf (RRP £199.90). Or, finally, pledge £1,399 or more and you can be the owner of the RoboxDual and Root package. This comes with two extruders and both the DualMaterial and QuickFill heads. However, there are many other tiers on offer, so make sure to check which suits you best.

Backers: 70

Pledges: £11,118 pledged of £10,000 goal

Days to go: 24

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Robox is a plug and play 3D printer with a simple setup. The company says they’re back on Kickstarter to bring supporters into the next phase of the Robox evolution. The team will be listening to ideas and feedback to put everything together.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #2: High-Resolution Full Color 3D Printer (New)

Pitch: “The NIX… 3D Printer has a unique color blending technology for color mixing and capable of printing at hi-res upto 5 microns.”

Rewards: If you’d like to build your own printer, pledge £749 or more to receive the Early Bird DIY Kit. Simple tools for assembly are also included. If you’re not so keen on building your own, it’ll cost £100 more for the printer already assembled. For £899 or above, you can receive the Full Color Printer. Filaments can also be included for £100 more.

Backers: 19

Pledges: £12,639 pledged of £20,000 goal

Days to go: 29

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The campaigners are making some bold claims for their machine, promising resolutions of 5 microns AND a unique tri-nozzle blending system. It should be said that such claims of impossibly high resolution for such a low cost machine sound rather dubious, so you’d be advised to approach with caution.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #3: 3D Printed Dragon Cabinet Handle (New)

Pitch: “I will “shrink” this 3D printed Dragon doorhandle into an about half sized cabinet or drawer handle.”

Rewards: Want your own dragon to guard your doors? By pledging €79 or more, you can receive a 3D printed Dragon cabinet handle facing either left or right, as you choose. The dragon is printed in polished nickel steel. If one dragon isn’t enough, then pledge €129 or more for the Early Bird option of Two Dragon cabinet handles. Another option is to have your name or text inscribed on the mounting plate for €179 or more.

Backers: 10

Pledges: €836 pledged of €2,000 goal

Days to go: 15

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Maker Kai Bracher has a proven design that has already been made and sold in a larger size for private customers. This new, small-scale version should be ready to ship by March.

IndieGoGo 3D Printer Project #4: 3D Printed Hex Shin Guard (New)

Pitch: “The next big thing is here! A soccer shin guard that is 3d printed, flexible and will absorb shock.”

Rewards: You can receive a mini HEX by pledging just $20. This is a replica of the HEX shin guard but helps support the campaign. Another option is to spend $50 and you can receive the Basic HEX-shin guard. This is the prototype which should be ready in 6 months. To receive your Custom HEX Shin Guard, you’ll need to spend $80 or more. The guard can also be personalized with your name or soccer #.

Backers: 3

Pledges: $70 pledged of $750

Days to go: 30 

Comments on this Indiegogo 3D Printer Project: Maker Camden Vicknair is working on making a top quality guard using “shock absorbing 3D printing materials” and a hexagonal design. He adds: “With your help, we can change the shin guard industry with better made, quicker made, and stronger made shin guards!”

IndieGoGo 3D Printer Project #5: 3D Models of Da Vinci Machines (New)

kickstarter 3d printer

Pitch: “Print your own collection machines da Vinci! Return to the world of the 15th century.”

Rewards: Pledges range from $6 to $79 for STL files and detailed building instructions to create your own da Vinci machines on a 3D printer.

Backers: 1

Pledges: $10 pledged of $2,000

Days to go: 30 

Comments on this Indiegogo 3D Printer Project: As rewards are STL files rather than assembled prints, this is a low risk campaign in terms of deliverables.

Indiegogo 3D Printer Project #6: Blocks Zero, The Tiny Giant 3D Printer 

Pitch: “The 3D printer to take anywhere. Highly portable. Highly powerful. Most of all highly affordable!”

Rewards: Although the “Earliest Bird” option has gone, at the next tier you can spend €239 to receive one of the 10 Blocks Zero units available. If you’d prefer a fully assembled printer, the lowest early bird tier is €299.

Backers: 56

Pledges: €11,865 pledged of €50,000 goal

Days to go: 8

Comments on this Indiegogo 3D Printer Project: Blocks Zero is promising to offer high-quality 3D prints at a budget price, which is down to stripping out any unnecessary gadgets and gizmos and focusing on core functionality.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #7: Make 100 3D Weaving

Pitch: “A limited run of 3D printed woven textile ‘swatches’.”

Rewards: There is only one reward — for $16, you can receive a 3D printed swatch. Of course, you can also pledge more money if you’re interested in helping with the project. The strong and flexible swatch can be posted to anywhere in the world and should be delivered by March 2017.

Backers: 10

Pledges: $207 pledged of $300 goal

Days to go: 19

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: With a small funding goal, this project is focused on the intersection between fashion and 3D printing, inspired by Kickstarter’s Make 100 initiative.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #8: 3D Printable Gaming Greeblies 

Pitch: “I am offering sets of data for 3d printing at home for personal use. I’m producing some artwork and here share the STL files.”

Rewards: For £6, you can receive one Greeblie data set. Pledges up to £40 will net you 11 Greeblie data sets. All of the data sets have an estimated delivery of February.

Backers: 2

Pledges: £80 pledged of £500 goal

Days to go: 16

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Maker Julian Harding promises there are no risks on his part, since he is offering the STL files only. Supposedly the only challenge is that backers have access to a 3D printer to make each set.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #9: earnotz

Pitch: “If you are looking for earphones that are comfortable, stay in place and are equipped with high-quality electronics, earnotz is for you.”

Rewards: Pledge $263 or more and you will save $129 on your first pair of earnotz. Want a personalized design? Just add $50.

Backers: 27

Pledges: $6,668 pledged of $295,000 goal

Days to go: 15

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The price tag is steep, and there are already a range of 3D printed headphones from established companies like Fender, OwnPhones or V-Moda. But the team is nicely organized — they have clearly mapped out risks and challenges as well as having a clear timeline for production.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #10: ARMBOT (Funded)

Pitch: “Download or create 3D-files directly from the ARMBOT and print object with high precision robotic arm technology!”

Rewards: If you pledge HK$ 3,100 or more, you can receive an early bird option. You will be sent a robotic arm 3D Printer with Windows 10 installed and calibrated as well as 500g PLA. This has an estimated delivery of April 2017.

Backers: 68

Pledges: HK$236,744 pledged of HK$ 150,000 goal

Days to go: 9

Kickstarter “Project We Love”? No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The Armbot is inspired by industrial robots, but offers a cheaper alternative. According to the creators, this unusual 3D printer is also capable of precision drawing and laser engraving. The project sounds promising — but as with any Kickstarter project, there are still some hurdles to pass for the creators.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #11: The M2K 3D Printer (Last Week)

Pitch: “The printer is supplied as a kit that is assembled by anyone who wants to learn STEM Technology. The printer comes with a five-day course.”

Rewards: Pledge AU$ 875 or more and you will receive the bare bones of the M2K 3D Printer. This doesn’t come with a reusable box or any courseware.

Backers: 5

Pledges: AU$1,940 pledged of AU$ 10,000 goal

Days to go: 5

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The concept behind this printer is to help teach students mechanical engineering skills. The printer is intended to be assembled and disassembled by students.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #12: 3D Printer Shield (Last Week)

Pitch: “The 3D Printer Shield is a low-cost solution for increasing print quality, by utilizing an enclosed print environment.”

Rewards: You have to measure the size of your printer before you pledge. Early bird tiers for the small option start at $60. For a medium size printer shield, the early bird option starts at $120. For the large option, you will need to spend $160.

Backers: 15

Pledges: $2,235 pledged of $10,000 goal

Days to go: 5

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: If you’re concerned about temperature controlling your 3D printer environment, this shield might be for you. For certain materials, a simple draft can cause prints to curl or fail.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #13: Rhino Smart Jam Detector

Pitch: “Never worry about dry running your 3D printer again. RhinoSmart will pause the print if the printer runs out of filament or there is a jam.”

Rewards: If you pledge CA$ 25 or more, you can receive the DIY Rhino Smart and support for Marlin printers. This includes a rotary encoder, two bearings, 80cm of wires, screws, assembly manual and a downloadable link to printable parts in .stl format. The same can be pledged for Repetier, Smoothie or Teacup firmware.

Backers: 52

Pledges: CA$ 1,793 pledged of CA$ 5,000 goal

Days to go: 16

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This project is pitched as an inexpensive and reliable system to measure extruded filament. The Rhino Smart also promises to detect a jam and keep you printing reliably. The project has a modest goal and the campaigners already have one successful Kickstarter campaign under their belt.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #14: ALO 3D-Printed Sunglasses

Pitch: “Choose your frame. Add your colors. Make them unique.”

Rewards: For MX $699, you will receive a pair of Monochrome Model EINS lenses of the color you prefer, but this does not include special materials. For MX $999, you can receive a pair of Special lenses — these materials include bamboo, wood and carbon fiber.

Backers: 8

Pledges: MX$ 4,635 pledged of MX$ 150,000 goal

Days to go: 26

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The project is based in Mexico and currently does not have an English page, but international shipping is available. The glasses are printed in PLA or — if you spend more — bamboo.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #15: 3D Printed Zeppelin (Last Week)

Pitch: “The goal of this project is to produce a modular zeppelin out of foam and resin parts for dioramas or table top gamers.”

Rewards: Pledge €20 or more and you can receive a 50% size foam zeppelin body. If you pledge €40 or more, you will receive the 3D (STL) War Zeppelin Early Bird. This includes a full set of STL files for all 3D printable parts. If you spend €89 or more, you will receive a War Zeppelin Early Bird which includes a full set of the base war zeppelin model with parts out of foam and resin. The parts have to be cleaned, put together and painted by you.

Backers: 5

Pledges: €210 pledged of €500 goal

Days to go: 4

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This project is low risk and the work is being completed on a small scale, which explains the small campaign funding goal.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #16: The NexD1 (Funded)


Pitch: “A high-end multi-material 3D liquid jet printer. Print circuit boards, flexible materials, and full color.”

Rewards: All of the early bird options have already gone for this printer. Moving up the tier, pledge €3,758 or more to receive the NexD1 Batch 1. This includes 27% off the final retail price and a basic cartridge set. It can also be shipped worldwide. Pledge €4,227 or more for the NexD1 Batch 2 which is 18% off the final retail price.

Backers: 279

Pledges: €554,211 pledged of €200,000 goal

Days to go: 11

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The NexD1 has already smashed its funding goal for a reason; it promises to cover all bases for home tech prototyping. Impressively, it can print fully-functional circuit boards, resins with nano-particles and six materials at once. The NexD1 should start shipping in September.