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12 Kickstarter 3D Printer Projects Live Right Now

Kickstarter 3D Printer

Our weekly roundup of the latest 3D printer projects live on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Which Kickstarter 3D printer is worthy of your support?

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Here at ALL3DP, we’re confident that crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo will continue to be a great source of 3D printing hardware, software, and products for the foreseeable future.

After all, major brands like Formlabs, Zortrax and Printrbot wouldn’t be here today without the wisdom (and money) of crowds. As interest and fascination around 3D printing continue to grow, it’s a pretty safe bet that more and more companies will emerge to make a pitch for our support.

With that in mind, we’re publishing weekly updates on the latest 3D printer projects on Kickstarter and elsewhere. This is a summary of the many campaigns and projects that launch every week. And if you see any that you think are worth talking about, let us know in the comments, and we’ll consider it for inclusion.

Important to note: Before you back any Kickstarter 3D printer project, take a gander at 8 Clues a 3D Printing Kickstarter Campaign is the Real Deal. The standard advice is to minimize risk by learning as much as you can about the project and making an informed choice.

And of course, only part with an amount of cash that you can afford to lose. Caveat Emptor!

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #1: ScratchyCAD (New)


Pitch: “Easy to learn 3D design software for 3D printing, animation, and game creation using a block-based programming language.”

Rewards: With none of the early bird options left, you will have to choose the $20 pledge to receive ScratchyCAD 1.0. The software will be delivered as an offline App (Windows, MacOS or Ubuntu). You’ll also receive a thank you note from the team which includes a “Getting Started” guide for ScratchyCAD. For $15 more, you can also receive an “I design with code” t-shirt.

Backers: 179

Pledges: $4,909 pledged of $25,000 goal

Days to go: 29

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: Yes

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The software could make 3D design software a lot easier. Especially if you parametric and procedural design, ScratchyCAD makes sense. Also positive: The software is already working in a browser environment, so you can go ahead and try it.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #2: GRIPsher (Funded)


Pitch: “GRIPsher is a robust and unique multitool offering unparalleled functionality and a program to give it to military members for free!”

Rewards: Pledge $35 or more and you will receive a GRIPsher Silver with a stainless steel finish. For $42, you’ll have a Spyder case thrown in too. If you’re feeling charitable, pledge $60 or more to receive one GRIPsher Black and have one GRIPsher Military donated to a United States Military Service Member. Free shipping to the US.

Backers: 592

Pledges: $28,751 pledged of $10,000 goal

Days to go: 40

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This handy contraption fits into your palm and has a range of functions. Founder, Christian Reed, is aware of the risks and challenges and have offered a generous delivery date to afford for any unexpected problems.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #3: alignG


Pitch: “3D Printer Bed Leveling & Filament Life Estimation + CNC G-Code Correction & Spindle Alignment & Speed Monitoring.”

Rewards: If you pledge $80 or more, you will receive the Early Bird alignG-I. This reward is of limited quantity. You will receive an alignG-I which has an estimated retail price of $120. For a pledge of $84 or more, you will receive a Super Early Bird alignG-II. For this, backers also need to spread the word and post on social media. The alignG-II has an estimated retail price of $180. To receive an alignG-III, you will need to pledge $175. This option has an estimated retail price of $375.

Backers: 222

Pledges: $18,162 pledged of $100,000 goal

Days to go: 28

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: This patent pending technology promises to perform fast, non-contact measurements to align the printing bed, CNC spindle and zeroing the stage. It promises to be easy to attach to your 3D printer and install. With an estimated delivery of next May, and a keen interest from backers already, alignG could make it into reality.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #4: PrintDry Filament Dryer (Funded)


Pitch: “Dry and feed the filament for your 3D printing. The effective solution for moisture-related 3D printing problems.”

Rewards: Pledge $75 or more, and you will receive the early bird deal which includes a 120VAC Model PrintDry filament dryer. This includes four spool clips and ten desiccant packs (5g bags). To receive the 220VAC model, you must pledge $99 or more – estimated delivery is December 2016.

Backers: 132

Pledges: $17.633 pledged of $9,900 goal 

Days to go: 18

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: With the funding needed already raised and 18 days left to go, PrintDry will have to deliver to their backers. They have an action plan clearly drawn out on their campaign site, but it still begs the question whether December/January is still a bit soon to deliver. As they point out: “the only remaining challenge for us is how to ship the unit to backers on time.”

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #5: Ez 2c 3D Viewer #1 (New)


Pitch: “Make & See Free 3D. Use 2 GoPros – Simple to make 3D Videos & Pics. Ez 2c 3D Viewers will help you show friends and family.”

Rewards: Pledge $20 or more, and you will receive a Mini Viewer L1. This viewer will help you and your friends see all the free 3D videos and pics created by others and shared online. Parts are 3D printed for a sturdy yet lightweight viewer for long viewing. If you pledge $25 or more, you will receive a Multi-Use GoPro Mount. With this, you can start filming in 3D. The early bird option is for if you pledge $65 or more. You will receive an Ez 2c 3D Training Viewer which is a “3-in-1 system does it all.”

Backers: 2

Pledges: $2 pledged of $37 goal 

Days to go: 44

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The Ez 2c appears to be a fun little project with a Kickstarter campaign seeking out whether there is any public interest. The aim is to teach you how to see in 3D without a viewer. As the goal is only $37, they shouldn’t struggle complete funding – it‘s more of a marketing campaign.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #6: Ossa 3D


Pitch: “Conceptualiz has made 3D printing more accessible to doctors.”

Rewards: For $25, you can receive a medical .STL file which you can download, for $50 you will receive two .STL files and for $100, you’ll receive three.

Backers: 1

Pledges: $25 CAD pledged of $250,000 goal 

Days to go: 41

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Conceptualiz wants to cut out the bioengineer and make 3D printing more accessible to doctors. By using an app, the company wants to make 3D printing cheaper and easier to use in the medical profession. For this to become a reality, they need to receive approval from the FDA. But soon the app could be available for educational and research purposes. The first version of the app, called “Ossa 3D v1.0” for the iPad, has been released on Apple’s App Store for free for Educational and Research purposes.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #7: One Hundred Tokyo


Pitch: “Three-dimensional maps of Tokyo, made using full-color 3D printers that add a fresh sense of art to your room’s decor.”

Rewards: If you pledge $95 or more, you can expect to receive your choice from One Hundred Tokyo – $30 off expected retail price.

Backers: 59

Pledges: $20,553 pledged of $10,000 goal

Days to go: 10

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: Yes

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: These quirky maps are based on realistic urban model data. There are currently 13 pieces and by backing the project, your money will help create more of the map. With a two teams – one for research and planning and the other for molding and extrusion – the November 2017 estimated delivery seems probable.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #8: Printable Armies


Pitch: “Printable Armies is an all-new modular miniature printing system for 28mm tabletop gaming designed to be printed on home 3D printers.”

Rewards: For $50, you can choose from the following sets: Elven Army Commander, Orc Army Commander, Ratman Army Commander, Undead Army Commander, Human Army Commander or Ogre Army Commander. If funding is achieved by November 2016, you will receive the STL files of your choice by February 2017.

Backers: 37

Pledges: $4,741 pledged of $30,000 goal

Days to go: 13

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Creator John Black wanted to find a way to make tabletop gaming cheaper. Although it may be expensive to pay for model figures, it’s also rather expensive to pay $50 for the STL file. There is also no assistance offered with the 3D printing of your figures, so you should already have some experience in 3D printing and coloring.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #9: Robo C2 and Robo R2 Smart (Last Week/Funded)


Pitch: “We’ve built two new 3D printers to help you make the imagined.”

Rewards: The super early bird special begins at $499. There are two versions available which differ in size and build volume (C2: 150 cubic inches, R2: 640 cubic inches). Pledgers will receive the desired 3D Printer and a 300g spool of PLA material. This price is $200 off the retail price and should begin shipping to anywhere in the world by November 2016.

Backers: 351

Pledges: $333,201 pledged of $100,000 goal (Funded)

Days to go: 4

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: Yes

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Robo first released their R1 plus 3D printer in 2012. The team is experienced and well equipped when it comes to bringing a Kickstarter campaign to fruition, but delivery by November 2016 sounds ambitious. If you don’t fancy pledging, you could enter Pinshape’s contest to win a Robo C2 instead.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #10: Doodle3D Transform (Last Week/Funded)


Pitch: “Doodle3D Transform is an app that makes designing in 3D easy and fun! Transform 2D drawings easily to 3D designs for your 3D printer.”

Rewards: The €15 early bird option has already gone, but for just €5 more, you can receive Digital access to Doodle3D Transform. This means you will also get immediate early access to Transform’s beta right after the campaign ends. The reward includes a Doodle3D Transform, lifelong individual key, a digital PDF instruction booklet and access to beta after the campaign has ended.

Backers: 1,217

Pledges: €51,995 pledged of €50,000 goal

Days to go: 4

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Doodle3D Transform is a web technology-based design tool. It works on any device that is capable of running a browser (PC, Mac, tablets, laptops, etc. ) Doodle3D is already behind one successful campaign; the inspiration for their latest offering came directly from supporters. The demand for a simple 3D printing app is in place, and it seems Doodle3D has the knowledge and experience to deliver on tie for their modest February 2017 date.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #11: OneSoles 


Pitch: “$29 3D Printed Custom Insoles with Superior Durability and Easy Maintenance for all Foot Problems.”

Rewards: For a pledge of $29, you will get one pair of insoles. They will be made according to your foot shape and material requirements. The estimated delivery for this is January 2017.

Backers: 105

Pledges: $2,982 pledged of $10,000 goal

Days to go: 26

Kickstarter “Project We Love”?: No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: The funding for this project will predominantly be spent on 3D printers needed to create the soles. The campaign appears to be well organized, but you might want to consult your orthopedist so check if they are good for you.

Kickstarter 3D Printer Project #12: Hobby Hand 2.0

kickstarter 3D printer

Pitch: “Learn how to program, use sensors, and microcontrollers! Join our movement to bring high-functional prostheses to the market!”

Rewards: To receive a full kit, you’ll need to pledge $175 or more. The Hobby Hand 2.0 ‘Full’ Kit comes with an “Arduino Mega, servo shield, five servo motors for flexion (closing fingers), five servo motors for lateral movement, Hobby Hand split frame, fingers, and an analog controller.” Estimated delivery is March 2017.

Backers: 70

Pledges: $7,614 pledged of $10,000 goal

Days to go: 22

Kickstarter “Project We Love”: No

Comments on this Kickstarter 3D Printer Project: Anyone can learn to control this 3D printed robotic hand, which has been designed to mimic natural hand movements. This company was also behind Nu Hand, a similar Kickstarter campaign which was unsuccessful with funding, but with new refinements, this project may yet succeed.