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New on Kickstarter: 3D Printed DIY Headphone Kit

DIY Headphone Kit

Headphones can be just as much about individual style as audio quality. Kickstarter campaign pitches DIY Headphone Kit to 3D print at home.

DIY Headphone KitThe problem with headphones is that they often cost a small fortune, and your only colour options are boring black or garish neon.

But with the magic of 3D printing and a little DIY, a new Kickstarter promises to customize your favorite audio accessory to suit your individual style.

Print+ is a Netherlands-based group behind a new Kickstarter campaign, the DIY Headphone Kit. What they’re offering isn’t just headphones, but a whole package to build and assemble your very own set of custom cans.

So what’s in the DIY Headphone Kit?

DIY Headphone KitVisitors browse the Print+ library of headphone cases and download their favorite design. With the STL files in hand, they can print the headphone housing at home, or use a 3D printing service.

The possibilities here are exciting. If you change your mind about the color, print a new pair. If you break the the headphones, print a new pair. If you have trouble remembering your left ear from your right ear, print each side in a different colour. It’s a great way to refresh and reuse an essential audio accessory.

Print+ has also teamed up with 3D Hubs, a worldwide network of 3D printers. They are accepting applications from hubs to become a certified Print+ hub, meaning a potential stream of steady customers. The actual material for printing is estimated to cost between €5-10.

Stretch goals for the campaign include further customization options. While the textile and audio components in the kits (cushions, audio cables, etc) are currently available only in black, the next step is adding new colors and variations to the mix.

We reckon the DIY Headphone Kit offers the tantalizing prospect of local DIY production becoming mainstream, and we’re impressed. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Print+ in the very near future.

DIY Headphone Kit