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Jay Leno a Big Fan of 3D Printed Parts for EcoJet Concept Car

Jay Leno
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3D Systems Quickparts uses 3D printing to optimize and create auto parts. Now, they’ve printed parts for Jay Leno’s one-of-a-kind concept car.

jay leno quickpartsOne popular area of 3D printing is the automotive industry. There are fully printed cars and companies specializing in printing parts… but who buys them?

Jay Leno is a  fan, and is a regular user of 3D Systems Quickparts to get complex parts for his cars. The TV star has a collection of over 200 vehicles, and has become something of an ambassador for the Quickparts service. After seeing what they’ve done for his cars, it’s no surprise.

Leno’s 650 horsepower EcoJet is a one-of-a-kind concept car. It was effectively built from scratch in his workshop. When the specially designed side vents needed replacing, Leno had two options; he could get mechanics to work on it by hand, manually crafting and testing it for weeks, or he could have it printed. He went with 3D Systems Quickparts.

After scanning the parts, they were able to design, fix and even optimize the vent. They improved the strength-to-weight ratio in a little over a half an hour. They used select laser sintering, which uses laser to bind powdered material together and create a solid form.

Jay Leno loooooves 3D printing

Leno is more than pleased with the result, and it seems the mechanics are as well. With so many special cars, it can be a real challenge to find the right components — especially for a homemade car, where parts don’t exist.

Leno’s Chief Engineer Jim Hall is impressed with the entire process, and recognizes just how much printing can help his work. “It’s incredible. It’s life-changing for us, and we really need it around here,” he says.

For those who have to take care of dozens, or hundreds, of cars with special parts, 3D printing saves a lot of time and headache. Plus, it offers the chance to improve the product with relative ease thanks to design programs and quick prototyping.

Simply put, 3D Printing is the start of a bold new era for car manufacturing.

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