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Huge 3D Printed Star Destroyer Case Mod Is Epic in the Extreme

3D Printed Star Destroyer
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This 3D Printed Star Destroyer spans 2 feet, contains thousands of small parts, and a lot of love. Best of all… It houses a PC!

Modder ASPHIAX, aka Sander van der Velden, has put together a 3D printed star destroyer, mostly out of deep love for scifi and modding, as well as the MSI Pro Mod community. Best of all, the destroyer isn’t just beautiful; it’s a PC. The 2mm steel sheet is only a casing for a likely equally awesome computer.

The idea first came to Asphiax in 2011, though he admits to having little idea what he was doing at first. Instead of rushing it, or making a sub-par destroyer, he put the Yazi aside and spent two years studying, reading and practicing how to make the dream a reality.

Yazi, 3D Printed Star Destroyer (Image: Asphiax)
Yazi, 3D Printed Star Destroyer (Image: Asphiax)

Like any true scifi fan, ASPHIAX even gave his Venator Class Star Destroyer its own mythos. Inspired by Chinese mythology, the Destroyer is a combo piece of Star Wars fandom and individual creation.

Legend has it that the dragon has nine sons.
Each of whom inherited at least one great talent from their father the great Imperial Dragon.

The 7th son YAZI is the most warlike and fearsome
With his perpetual wrathful glare, four legs, long tail and long horns he strikes fear into the enemies hearts
This is the dragon that signifies victory in battle and enhances the morale and strength of soldiers
Carrying Yazi into battle will assist any warrior’s triumph over enemy forces!

The Destroyer can be found at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas between January 6-9, and the complete build log can be found here.

While the files can’t be readily downloaded (and you probably don’t want to spend several weeks trying to understand the numerous parts), customers are invited to send inquiries to, noting that constructing existing models like the Yazi takes about 6 weeks.

What to you think? Would you like a 3D printed Star Destroyer for your next gaming rig?

3d printed star destoyer
Sketches for the 3D Printed Star Destroyer (Image: Asphiax)