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Homemade Astro Pi Cases Take Twitter by Storm

Astro Pi

Since the release of the STL files for the Astro Pi flight case, makers have been sharing pictures of their homemade cases to Twitter.

Last month, the Raspberry Pi foundation released a guide to 3D printing your very own Astro Pi flight case. There was so much excitement about the machined aluminum flight case — specially designed to protect the Raspberry Pi unit on its voyage into space — people were clamoring for the STL files to 3D print their very own.

Since the files were released, some amazing homemade versions have now appeared on twitter.  Examples range from rainbow colored flight cases, to glow-in-the-dark, to metallic silver and bright orange. Here’s a selection of our favorites that were shared to Twitter.

1. Rainbow Astro Pi

rainbow astro pi

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Astro Pi

Glow-in-the-dark Astro Pi

3. Orange Astro Pi

Orange Astro Pi

4. Black Astro Pi with Red Buttons

black astro pi

5. Metallic Silver Astro Pi

Silver Astro Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation are so pleased with the results, they’ve encouraged the community to go even further and hack the design. Using applications like TinkerCAD, a simple and free in-browser modeling program, it should be a piece of cake to add your own modifications to the case. Check out the ALL3DP tutorial on creating a name-tag in TinkerCAD for pointers on getting started.

Happy hacking!