Hinged Glasses For Infants Prototyped with Tough Resin

hinged glasses for infants

Global eyewear company ClearVision used Formlabs SLA printers and tough resin to prototype a new line of hinged glasses for infants.

Creating glasses for children is no easy task. And glasses for infants? Even harder. How do you make them safe, sturdy and reasonably priced?

Eyewear company ClearVision has found a new method to rapidly prototype their glasses with speed: 3D Printing. Using the stereolithography (SLA) technique, their new line of Dilli Dalli infant glasses was created much quicker than would’ve been otherwise possible.

ClearVision are much obliged to their Formlabs 1+ SLA 3D Printer and Formlabs’ Tough Resin for being able to work so quickly. The addition of 3D printing to their workplace has dramatically reduced sample time, allowing designers to immediately implement feedback from pediatric professionals.

Infant Glasses from ClearVision and Formlabs (Image: Formlabs)
Infant Glasses from ClearVision and Formlabs (Image: Formlabs)

Hinged Glasses for Infants: Practically Indestructible?

3D printing has also allowed ClearVision to make prototypes in-house. Rather than waiting 4 to 6 weeks to receive samples, they could print and ship updated prototypes the very next day.

The final product is made with a material called IntelliFlex Soft Touch. This IntelliFlex is reportedly similar in touch and feel to Formlabs’ own Tough Resin, which was a major factor when ClearVision made their choice. The infant frames are said to include a built-in nose with widely flared pad to be comfortable and avoid fogging. They also feature a hinge that moves and “self-adjusts” to the child’s movements.

It’s no surprise that printing is used to prototype in yet another industry. It has already made its way into major fields like the automobile industry, and now see it trickle down into other industries and markets. For something as finicky and sensitive as glasses for infants, there’ no doubt there’s plenty of prototyping and testing to be done.

Need a pair for your kids? You can find them at ClearVision here.

hinged glasses for infants
Nice frames (Image: Dilli Dalli)