Hey Bub! Check out these 3D Printed Wolverine Claws

Wolverine Claws

Dress up as a mutant superhero this Halloween with these 3D printed Wolverine claws. Cut through candy bags like a hot knife through butter.

3D Printable Wolverine Claws from le FabShop
3D Printable Wolverine Claws from le FabShop

Stuck for a costume idea this Halloween? We recommend these 3D printable Wolverine claws. They can be printed as a single item, no assembly required, and are guaranteed to win admiring glances at the Unholy Masquerade.

So sit back and relax, sink a brewski and chew on a cigar. Not only are these claws made in a single print, they require absolutely no supports during creation. And of course they’re retractable, to maximize chances of terrorizing friends and fiends.

Boring safety notice: They also come with a slot to insert a strap, so they can be securely attached to your wrists. It wouldn’t be very heroic if you poked little Johnny’s eye out while trick or treating.

Wolverine Claws Are Pointy

The Wolverine claws are the latest in a long line of 3D printed novelties by Samuel Bernier at le FabShop. Bernier is known all over Paris for being the best he is at what he does. He designed these beauties in Autodesk Fusion 360 and printed them on a Zortrax M200, if you’re interested.

Bernier has also posted a host of other cool prints (but not X-Men themed, unfortunately). These include a co-creation designed for a FabJam in 2013. Working under the theme “Urban Farming”, he helped design rings that doubled as ultra-tiny gardens. He also shared one of the more original (and cheaper) Valentine’s Day ideas via a 3D scanned and printable corset design.

But hey bub, if you’re not convinced yet about printing these Wolverine claws for yourself, take a look at the video below. You can see the claws in their faux adamantium glory, plus a quick tutorial on how they were made. It’s like reliving the Weapon X programme all over again.