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HANGIE is a 3D Printed Wall Mount for Vintage Cameras


Fan of vintage cameras? Provide analogue technology with pride of place on your wall with the HANGIE 3D printed wall mount.

Do you have a box of old cameras gathering dust in the attic? With a HANGIE 3D printed wall mount, you can turn them into an attractive display of vintage goodness.

The slim profile and clever design makes them look like they’re floating, making them an instant “focal point” (badoomtish) to any room.

Created by the dedicated shutterbugs at LaudWorks, the mount requires just 4 pieces: the mount itself, two wall screws, and a standard tripod mount screw.

After screwing the mount to your wall on one end, set your camera on top and tighten it to the mount using the tripod mount screw from below.

“That’s it, really, ” say LaudWorks. “We made sure all the tolerances, depths, and clearances work so you don’t have to.”


HANGIE available on Shapeways and Thingiverse

The premium version is fabricated in 3D printed metal — primarily steel but also in other finishes like brass and gold — means means it’s capable of handling bulky or heavier cameras.

The stainless steel mounts, for example, are strong enough to hold even DSLRs with lenses attached. LaudWorks tested them on a Canon 7D with a 17-55mm lens, carrying a total weight of 1.5kg (3.3 lbs).

There’s also the option for a dynamic, angled display, where countersunk screw holes provide a secure 360° mounting range while keeping the profile slim. Alternatively, mounting them to a chalk board allows for hand-drawn captions for each camera.

Another cool thing about HANGIE is that you’re invited to try before you buy. Whilst the premium 3D printed metal options are only available through Shapeways, you can also 3D print a plastic version at home.

The STL file is available to download from Thingiverse (and also to buy from Shapeways). Keep in mind that these are only suitable for testing with lighter plastic body cameras like the Lomography “La Sardinia”.

What do you think of the HANGIE? Encouraged to show off your camera collection? Sound off in the comments.