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3D Hubs Hosting Global 3D Printing Day on 3 December

3D Printing Day

3D Hubs, the online 3D printing services platform, plans a 3D Printing Day on 3 December, with local hubs invited to a world party of fun and festivities.

Are you ready for 3D Printing Day? This 3 December, 3D Hubs is going to stage a global happening where makers, enthusiasts and newbies can learn, explore, and 3D print lots of stuff.

370 Hubs have already confirmed their participation in the event, including hubs in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, UK and the US.

To keep track of all the excitement, 3D Hubs will be releasing an up-to-date world map with all the participating hubs. You can also follow the 3D Printing Day tag on their site to receive regular updates.

3D printing day

What Can You Expect to See on 3D Printing Day?

Wait, wait, let’s back up a second. What’s a 3D Hub, exactly? It’s the name given to a worldwide network independent 3D printer owners — hubs — who offer local 3D printing services to people who want to make 3D prints.

The network is big, and it’s getting bigger. Current estimates, according to Wikipedia, are that the network has over 20,000 locations in over 150 countries, providing over 1 billion people access to a 3D printer within 10 miles of their home.

For those hubs still not signed up for 3D Printing Day — or unsure how to participate — 3D Hubs has helpfully put together a list of suggestions:

  • 3D printing demo
  • Intro to 3D printing
  • Prints display
  • 3D scanning sessions
  • AMAs about printers
  • 3D modelling demo
  • How to build a Delta printer
  • Prosthetic arms printing
  • Laser engraving demo
  • Hydrographic coatings for 3D prints
  • Aerial photography and photogrammetric modelling and printing of terrains

Hubs can go here to sign themselves up and get placed on the map.

If you’re not a 3D hubber but are keen to see what the fuss about, check to see there’s a participating hub near you. Who knows? This 3D Printing Day could be the start of a whole new adventure.

3d printing day