GoPro mount for kite surfers

Get Spectacular Kite Videos with this GoPro Mount

GoPro Mount for Kite

Routine builds character: sounds cheesy but practice is quintessential in keeping fit. Having a power workout keeps your mind and body healthy, preventing a multiplicity of lifestyle diseases. Sitting on the couch all day has been equated to smoking 4 cigarettes. Convectional body training has been notoriously narrowed down to the gym or plain old running. However some people find going to the gym monotonous and boring.

Luckily, there are other exciting extreme sport activities that will keep you fit as a fiddle while having tons of fun. Kite is a favorite for extreme sports lovers, the rush of adrenalin is addictive, and you just want to kite surf all day. Not the hardest sport to learn, with the right tools you can be up and about kite surfing in less than a week.

Imprenta3D’s GoPro Mount for Kite Surf Lines (source: imaterialise)
Imprenta3D’s GoPro Mount for Kite Surf Lines (source: imaterialise)

Get a great POV shot while the kite is pulling your body. The Imprenta 3D GoPro mount for Kit surf lines captures HD video footage while riding. Designed by Imprenta3D , the mount fits the surf lines perfectly making sure the camera is nice and tight. Imprenta designers use polyamide (natural white) as material. It’s lightweight is deal for mounting on kites.

Imprenta3D GoPro Mount for Kite Surf Lines
Imprenta3D GoPro Mount for Kite Surf Lines

The mount plugs are designed to position the camera in place to ensure you get high quality footage. Beautiful travel destinations have kite surfing on their to-do-list on any travel package. Imprenta3D GoPro mount gets a bird’s eye view of all the action free from obstruction.

The imprenta3D GoPro Mount has an easy construction connection with your kite lines. Dimensions of the 3D print are 87.55 x 19.24 x 70.00 mm /3.44 x 0.757 x 2.756 inch.

You can buy it at i.Materialise for 33.00 US-Dollar.

Just take a look at the epic videos you can do with this little thing!