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German Pensioner Shares Amazing 3D Printed Aircraft

3D Printed Aircraft

Retired engineer demonstrates his know-how and incredible creations — including a 3D printed aircraft with a nearly 2-meter wingspan.

3D Printed AircraftSome people are airplane-obsessed from childhood. Young pilots and engineers just can’t stop modeling, flying, and messing around with their toy planes.

Michael Christou, AKA Wersey, is a pensioner in Germany who just can’t stop building. From speed boats, RC cars, turbo ice sleds, to naval cannons, Christou’s designs on Cults3D are exactly what you would expect from an ex-construction engineer.

The maker shares his gratitude with his local Hackerspace, who gave him the tools to keep on creating. Though the pensioner describes himself as a “late bloomer” who came late to 3D printing, he’s having no trouble keeping up with those around him. Among his many 3D Printed aircraft are the Sailplane and Red Duck.

While the goal of the Duck was to reach a 3-meter wingspan, the weight was maxed out when the wings hit 1.35m. He ran into a slew of problems involving mass and distribution, resulting in a plane very unlike the original plan. This project would serve as a learning experience, allowing him to bring us his next design: The Red Swan.

With a lot of work, and the knowledge of experienced pilots at the Aeroclub Niedereschbach, Christou created a plane boasting a nearly 2-meter wingspan. The Swan took 120 hours to print and used 1.8kg of PLA, making it a truly incredible (and very large) print!

Christou’s 3D printing projects are a testament to how versatile the new medium is. When we read articles on how NASA and other great minds print, we forget the basic ideas behind it. Printing isn’t limited to techies, or young, hip designers, but anyone with imagination and motivation.

Rather than disregarding 3D printing as too complicated and fussy, Christou has combined it with his considerable experience in engineering, making him one of the fiercest hobbyists around.