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Gerdesmeyer and Krohn’s Tableware Made on a Zortrax M200

Gerdesmeyer Krohn

Gerdesmeyer and Krohn, an industrial and interior design studio, used 3D printing during the prototyping of their latest coffee set collection.

The men behind the company, Christoph Gerdesmeyer and Jonas Krohn, met during their studies at the University of Applied Science in Aachen, Germany. They instantly recognized that their artistic interests were very similar. The duo turned their love for minimalism into a business and set up an industrial and interior design studio in Cologne, Germany.

For their most recent project, the 1500 coffee set, the designers began by questioning the basic standards for tableware. They then used 3D printing to create futuristic and minimalistic pieces.

Christoph told All3DP: “We had experience in 3D printing before we built our 1500 set. In our studies and our daily work as industrial designers. The 3D printer is tool we use most – next to pencils, paper and MacBooks. You can print everything, you can make mistakes and try to get closer to perfection.”

Their final products are simplistic, incorporating sharp edges and bold colors into all of the designs.

Gerdesmeyer and Krohn tableware

Futuristic Coffee Cups from Gerdesmeyer and Krohn

3D printing played a large part in creating the modern designs. Gerdesmeyer and Krohn used the technology during their design process for rapid and efficient prototyping.

Gerdesmeyer and Krohn selected the Zortrax ecosystem to test their preferred shapes and styles. By doing this, they had a quick and inexpensive way to check the functionality of their coffee set.

They chose to use a Zortrax M200, which they claimed was user-friendly with a high print quality. Plus, as designers, they appreciated the aesthetics of the printer. The material they use is Zortrax Z-ABS. This option is recommended for beginners in 3D printing and is an economically viable choice for prototyping.

Gerdesmeyer only had praise for the uses of additive manufacturing. He said: “For us, it is the future of making things. You can produce things you never could produce before. You just need the material you need, there is almost no waste material. For small series or serial production.”

Their resulting designs are a collection of coffee paraphernalia in a range of colors, from neutral white and pastel pink to bright orange.

This is just the beginning for the duo in Cologne. In the future, they hope to revolutionize the industrial and interior design industry. When asked whether they will be using 3D printing again, Gerdesmeyer exclaimed: “Yes, we will!”

Source: Zortrax blog

Gerdesmeyer and Krohn 1500