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14 Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less)

Fun Things to 3D Print
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Massively complicated print jobs that need 48 hours to complete? Forget about it! Here are 14 fun things to 3D print in an hour (or less).

We’re all busy people. Sometimes we haven’t the time to wait for days and days before a print job is finished. And worse still if the print job gets all futzed up at the eleventh hour, and you have to start all over again.

No. Sometimes, we just want to print something just for fun, something which won’t take longer than an hour. Here are 14 fun things to print that are so simple, they’ll be finished in 60 minutes or less.

Please note: These timings have been checked for accuracy on an Ultimaker 2, but keep in mind that some 3D printers will perform faster than others, and you’ll probably have tweaked your machine for your own optimal speeds and settings.

Fun Things to Print #1: Smart One Handed Bottle Opener


Trying to improve on the basic design of a bottle opener is a favorite pastime of the maker scene. Case in point is this one handed bottle opener. Because, hey, using two hands to open that beer is one hand too many. (Time: 1 hour) YouMagine Download.

Fun Things to Print #2: Whistle


Make some noooooooize with this 3D printed whistle. Suitable for use by lifeguards, traffic cops, school teachers, and party animals. Oh, and of course, give it to a kid to inflict some pain on your eardrums. (Time: 30 mins) Thingiverse Download.

Fun Things to Print #3: Shark Comb


Coif your locks into a towering sharknado with this snazzy grooming tool. But what if you have shoulder-length hair? You’re gonna need a bigger comb. (Time: 1 hour) YouMagine Download.

Fun Things to Print #4: Simple Toothpaste Squeezer


Staying in the bathroom, this item is perhaps *the* most useful thing on this list. It’s a simple toothpaste squeezer, maximizing your dental hygiene to its fullest potential. Also, don’t forget to floss. (Time: 30 mins) Thingiverse Download.

Fun Things to Print #5: Book Owls


Can you remember a time when people read things called BOOKS made out of PAPER and stuff? Gift your nearest bookworm with these owl-shaped book marks, and watch them hoot with pleasure. (Time: 1 hour) YouMagine Download.

Fun Things to Print #6: Earbud Case


Those precious earbuds need better care than being stuffed down your pocket. Print off this excellent little spool design, which protects the jack and phones, whilst keeping the cord free of tangles. (Time: 30 mins) Thingiverse Download.

Fun Things to Print #7: Men’s Wallets


This is a collection of wallets with geometric patterns and branding, each of which can be individually customized or resized. The clever thing is that each wallet is printed flat, as a single sheet, which can then be folded into shape. (Time: 1 hour) YouMagine Download.

Fun Things to Print #8: Touring Bike Business Card


After you’ve printed a wallet, queue up this business card next. Why? Because it’s a miniature clip-out model card of a touring bike. Fits perfectly inside your new wallet, ready to amaze and delight your friends. (Time: 1 hour) Thingiverse Download.

Fun Things to Print #9: Gearbox Keychain


Bike nuts will love this ornamental keychain with two working gears, spinning smoothly at a gear ratio of 1.5:1. Remixes on Thingiverse feature added extra gears, for treble the fun. (Time: 50 mins) Thingiverse Download.

Fun Things to Print #10: Sink Fountain


Bored? Convert your kitchen or bathroom sink into a fountain for easy mouth rinsing. Simply plug a hole on the underside with your finger, and hey presto, a classy water feature is yours to enjoy. (Time: 30 mins) YouMagine Download.

Fun Things to Print #11: SHARKZ Multipurpose Clips


Surprise! Another shark on the list! This is a cool print that puts the FUN back into FUNctional, being useful for a variety of things. Clips for bags, holding notes, even as pegs for your clothes line. It’s 3D printing with BITE. (Time: 35 mins) Thingiverse Download.

Fun Things to Print #12: 3DBenchy


The jolly 3D printing torture test is totally worthy of inclusion here. Not only is it a pretty little steamboat, it’s also been carefully designed to test and calibrate the settings on your 3D printer. (Time: 1 hour) YouMagine Download.

Fun Things to Print #13: Cable Holder (or Cable Clip)

cable holder

Keeping wires and cables out of harms way is a problem experienced by every modern desk jockey. This nifty cable holder is the solution. Comes in three variations, one sized for smartphone cabes, one standard for fixing in place, and another that can be weighed down with coins. (Time: 45 mins) Thingiverse Download.

Fun Things to Print #14: Card Carousel

card carousel

Make like an executive peacock and fan out your business cards on this circular card holder. It’s a simple, but effective design for the desktop. Can also be adapted for postcards, letters, and greeting cards. Do people still send those? (Time: 45 mins) Thingiverse Download.

That’s the end of our recommendations for things to 3D print in an hour or less. What do you think? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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